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5 Great Resources for Those Looking to Invest



New investors have a tendency to miss the forest for the trees. Once you start browsing online forums and investor magazines, you might feel so overwhelmed with new information that you never manage to get started. The most important aspect of saving and investing is to simply do it. If you’re putting money away for retirement, you’re already ahead of the game. As your accounts grow in value, finding the right return rates will become much more important. That’s not to say investor resources aren’t worth your time. Here are some of the best ones for both new and experienced investors.

The Securities and Exchange Commission
The U.S. government has made it a priority to reach out to investors with unbiased information that can help them make responsible choices. Investor.org has a wealth of education and should be one of your first stops on the way to creating a well-rounded approach to personal investing. It also provides a number of articles about avoiding scams and fraud.

The Employment Situation Report
The Bureau of Labor Statistics may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about investing resources, but their Employment Situation Report is an invaluable glimpse at the country’s economic conditions. Without a broad picture of the economy as a whole, you cannot hope to make the wisest investing decisions possible. The ESR gives you the hard numbers you need to put your money in the most profitable areas.

The NYSE Corporate Actions Report
Any serious investor should spend much of their time studying the markets. The best way to do this is by keeping abreast of corporate actions. These are the processes that will affect change in the company’s stock. By gleaning this information directly from the NYSE, you can get a jumpstart on any quick decisions you need to make. $500 a month isn’t chump change, of course, so this isn’t a necessary step for a new investor.

Unless you went to school for a degree in investing, you probably run into unfamiliar terms and words on a daily basis. Investopedia provides simple, easy-to-understand definitions of all the major investing terms as well as general educational resources. Keep the site bookmarked for those times when you can’t quite wrap your head around a concept.

The AFN Blog
Advanced Fund Network places a premium on helping businesses get the financing they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace. That said, we’ve geared this blog toward becoming a general financial resource for anyone interested in improving their fiscal stability. With news articles, expert analysis, and resource repositories, we aim to provide readers with the kind of information they need to find personal empowerment. Check back often for the latest news and views from the financial world.

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