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5 Reasons to Take Your Business Mobile


Small businesses require capital and a certain level of adaptability to survive what can be a fairly brutal competition. Many businesses are turning to going mobile to attract a wider range of audience and expand their brand image. Mobile technology is also a highly creative tool that can be adapted numerous times throughout the history of the business.


You can get great data from customers


So what is the big deal with all of all this talk on mobile analytics? Mobile technology allows for users to leave a ‘footprint’ of their data for a mobile business to see. This includes information such as click-through rates and geographic location. Most of this data will be very beneficial in seeing the demographic of the customer and what customers see on the site.


Increased leads and sales


Mobile users make up the bulk of the advertising and web-browsing market. Fast loading mobile sites that are user-friendly can quickly turn into a lead or sale. That lead or sale can quickly turn into more revenue by word of mouth and social media. Going mobile will allow businesses to send real-time alerts to update on new products or deals on a smartphone. This alert can place the customer at the front of the virtual storefront or service page immediately for instant feedback. Updates do not necessarily have to be product offerings either. An update can be a way for a business to provide juicy tidbits on the inner workings of the business for a personal touch.


Your image and brand will become more visible


Creating a brand image is a way to communicate in the same area of business by including incentives to entice consumers to that brand. Mobile applications and gadgets allow clients and customers to see that brand everywhere. It is also an excellent way to create some level of continuum with staff and the entire operation. Customers and clients can see the transparency of how well the staff communicate and deliver that brand via blog updates and alerts. A mobile application has the capacity of creating updates that can be synced to multiple accounts for a wider audience such as an RSS feed.


Money will be saved


The cost of advertising is quickly going up. Mobile applications allow businesses to embed videos and retain most of their capital over a longer period of time. Communication costs can also be fairly expensive over time. Mobile technology lowers these costs by integrating cloud storage for staff and mobile applications for video or text chat simultaneously with clients. The results of having immediate feedback will save a considerable amount of money in the lowered costs of needing a ‘brick and mortar’ place to meet.


Your customers desire it


The majority of customers are savvy with mobile technology. They are also seeking information immediately in a user-friendly format. A dedicated mobile application is something a customer will always have in their back pocket to retrieve information. Most customers and clients are aware of the necessity of a business needing a mobile application or version of their site. The initial investment will outweigh any major cons due to client familiarity. A business simply cannot afford to miss out on the all-in-one nature of a mobile application.

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