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5 Pitfalls in Merchant Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance can aid in the recovery of your small business. There are a lot of strategies that expedite the approval process. By the same token, there are several ways to avoid the hang-ups and gamble involved in taking unnecessary risks. The best method to ensure you experience the benefits of an advance without the drawbacks is to plan ahead. This article will tell you how to structure the best plan possible by exposing five common pitfalls to avoid.

Turning a Negative into a Positive; Improving the Application Process for a Merchant Cash Advance

The trick to obtaining an advance is to have an organized plan that you follow from the start of the process until the end of it. To illustrate how this strategy works we’ll break it down into 5 steps. Let’s begin at the beginning.

Step one; have a business or investment plan drafted before you apply. A lot of business owners skip or waylay this step and end up paying the price for it. The reason this is the first thing to avoid is straightforward; success starts with proper planning. Cash advances are often used as a quick-fix option for struggling businesses. This marketing fad has left many proprietors relying on the resources of fast cash with no long-term plan. Coming to the table with a plan put you on the road to sustainability and diversified funding right away.

Step two; always research lending options and qualifications. Do not make the mistake of investing time in an application process that you don’t qualify for. Review the approval guidelines beforehand. It’s equally important not to underestimate the value of comparison shopping. This can save you money initially and help you establish strong lending relationships.

Step three; avoid predatory lenders. A merchant cash advance is not exempt from scam artists. Stay away from lenders who don’t require documentation, charge numerous supplemental fees, and have interest rates of over 30%. Instead, look for reputable lenders with the appropriate terms and the experience to back up their business practices.

Step four; don’t enter into agreements blindly. It is crucial that you understand what you are getting yourself into before you sign anything. The terms and conditions of an advance vary by lender, so read everything. Ask questions about what you don’t understand. Information is power and it’s also the secret to a solid money-saving strategy.

Step five; don’t fall into a cycle of habitual debt. This piece of the unsecured loan puzzle needs to be set from the moment you apply for funds. As previously stated, entering into an agreement with a quick-fix mentality sets the cycle of debt in motion. To avoid relying on borrowing money continually, make a plan and take deliberate steps to see it through to the finish.

A merchant cash advance has many benefits to recommend it. Following these tips can help you know what drawbacks to avoid. That way, you can draft a borrowing strategy that sets you up for professional success.


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