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5 Tips to make public speaking easier



Public speaking is one of many people’s greatest fears. While there are many things that could go wrong during a public speech, there are also many instances where you’ll be able to deliver a meaningful and impressive performance. Here are some ways to make public speaking easier.


Be Overprepared


If you go into a speech with only a halfhearted plan, you are likely to underperform. If, instead, you go into the speech with more content and knowledge than you actually need, you will gain confidence and be able to deliver a memorable speech. Always research, write, and rehearse more than you feel that you need to.


Reframe Your Audience


Many people have a hard time with public speaking because they believe that they will fail. When many people think of public speaking, they imagine standing in front of a room of people who are uninterested in what they are saying. While standing on the podium, they are almost waiting for themselves to choke up in front of all of these important people. The belief that you will mess up a major speech in public is a belief that almost guarantees that you will mess up. Instead, imagine the people in front of you to be your biggest fans. Imagine that they are extremely interested in what you are saying and impressed with your speech delivery. You are the important person in the room. Almost instantly, you will notice that speaking in public becomes easier. You are able to relax and focus on what’s really most interesting: the well prepared content of your speech.

Practice in Front of Others


It’s one thing to have your speech down pat when you practice in front of the mirror. It’s another to deliver your speech successfully when standing in front of a room of important people. Public speaking will become easier if you learn to practice in front of others. You’ll be able to simulate the nerves that you’ll experience on the big day, and you’ll learn to deal with them better. For the best results, try to practice your speech in front of different types of people. Practice in front of family, friends, and coworkers with different levels of interest in your topic to simulate the crowd you might find in the the room on the day of your speech.

Dress Well


The way you dress tells others a lot about you as a person. If you are dressed sloppily, your audience will lose respect for you and be less receptive to what you have to say. If, on the other hand, you are dressed professionally and neatly, you will immediately command your audience’s attention. It’s amazing how much a great wardrobe can do for your confidence and your reception in the public sphere. No matter how much you prepare and how much you know, you’re likely to have limited success in public speaking unless you also dress the part. On the flip side, owning nice clothing is a simple way to boost your professional trajectory.


Dressing professionally can take a lot out of your budget. Keeping up with dry cleaning and other bills related to your wardrobe can add up. Also, the initial cost of buying a great professional wardrobe is high. Taking out a loan can be a good way to get the cash up front that you need to start a professional wardrobe for your career. Advanced Funding Network (AFN) is there to help when you need to acquire funding for your professional endeavors.


Tend to Your Health


When you are feeling well-rested on the day of your speech, you are almost certain to do a better job. Be sure to tend to your body’s needs before the speech and come into the room with a relaxed and content mood. Your good energy will shine through to the audience as soon as you step into the room.


Public speaking doesn’t have to be so difficult. If you take some steps to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the day of your speech, you’ll set yourself up for success. Follow the guidelines above to take the burden and stress out of public speaking.

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