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A Concentrated “Branding” Effort can bring Local and Regional Recognition



Studying the customs and habits of successful people can lead one to emulate their success. The same can be said of business practices that are associated with highly sought after names and products in the global marketplace. As consumers we can recognize their involvement purely by seeing their logo, mascot or emblem. For some companies, the mere sight of a certain color, design or musical jingle tells us that their products are available for purchase where we are.


In media advertising, their original catch phrase or narration provided by a much beloved celebrity may be all that is needed to ascertain whether the presence of a particular company is involved. All you have to do is think of popular soft drinks, airlines or fast food restaurants to make this connection. Once you visualize them, they can be confused with no other product on the market.


As a small or medium business, you may not need to show yourself off to a multinational audience. You will however have to make successful inroads with your local and regional consumers. It is important that they know your individual business apart from all others in your industry marketplace. When seeing anything from an advertisement to a letter printed on your company stationery, current customers and potential consumers must immediately know that it is you who is calling upon them.


Bringing together all aspects of consumer recognition is the practice of “branding.” It is something essential to the marketing effort applied to corporations and companies of all sizes. Just because your own company may be of a smaller size, does not mean you should neglect to make sure your “brand” is not explored to the fullest. If you do not already have a logo, series of graphics or signage that represents the “brand” of your company, there is no better time than now to start. If you need to obtain a business loan so that these elements can become a reality for your business, then seeking additional finances is something you should do.


The next step is to ask for a consultation from those companies that focus on the branding process and will be able to provide you with estimates for their work. More often than not, these consultations are offered to businesses of all sizes on a basis that is completely cost free. Their group members should include artists, designers and professionals in the marketing field. In addition, these agencies and individuals should be able to show you examples of work they have performed for companies much like your own. Be clear with them if you would like to achieve something similar or desire a branding effort that is unlike anything that is currently available.


Once a central branding concept has been formulated for you, this brand should be applied to every facet of your sales, advertising and marketing campaigns. Stationery, emails and web pages must feature your original brand effort. If a designer has developed something original for your company, making sure you have a copyright or patent may also be in order. This prevents one of your competitors from appropriating and using your brand to advance their own interests.

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