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As a business owner, you know that you can’t predict everything. Expenses change, emergencies happen, and customers are not always on time with their payments. While there are some things you can’t control, getting invoices paid in a timely manner is within your power. The solution is accounts receivable financing from Advance Funds Network.


What is accounts receivable financing?

Accounts receivable financing is a method of financing in which you get paid for your work or product as soon as you invoice it. You give us the customer’s invoice, and we pay you. We take over with the customer from there. You have the cash for handling your day-to-day business needs promptly while still maintaining a good relationship with your customer.


What is the business required to do?

As the business owner, you do not need to pressure the customer to get your invoice paid. You give us the invoice, and we pay you. It’s that simple. We work with the customer from there to get the invoice paid. You can give your business the attention it needs without the headache of dealing with unpaid invoices.


What is the difference between ARF and traditional loans?

Traditional loans take time for approval and processing. They are often based on you or your business’s credit history. With accounts receivable financing, the approval time is much quicker and easier. Advanced Funds Network offers financing even to businesses with little or no credit history. We work with you with whatever situation you are in. We look at the amount of sales you have to determine what you are approved for.


What are the benefits of accounts receivable financing?

You can’t plan for all financial needs. When your expenses change or emergencies arise, you need cash quickly. You don’t have time to wait for a conventional loan. Accounts receivable financing gets you the cash you need, when you need it. You may be in a situation where financial institutions would not approve you based on little credit or bad credit. Advanced Funds Network works with you so that your credit history does not hinder your future business. Sometimes, good customers fall into hard situations and need reminders to pay their invoices. Accounts receivable financing eliminates the need for you to make those awkward phone calls to customers you do business with.


What are situations where accounts receivable financing can help?

Accounts receivable financing is the perfect solution for emergencies. You may need additional office or warehouse space. You may need repairs on buildings or equipment that can’t wait. When your expenses change, you may not be prepared for the shift in finances. In order for you to have the product or personnel you need to do business efficiently, you need funding. You may only need funding for seasonal costs such as Christmas bonuses or taxes. Your business’s growth may also contribute to your company’s pressing need for cash. You may need to get cash quickly to meet payroll or other financial obligations that cannot be extended.


Accounts receivable financing can help your business operate efficiently. Having cash when you need it eliminates many late fees and additional financing fees. It gives you the freedom to focus on operating your business. Call to find out more about Advanced Funds Network’s accounts receivable financing.

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