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Achieving Professional Greatness: Moving from an Unattainable Concept to Sustainable Success

Good management is about more than money. Obtaining a business loan to keep your business afloat won’t automatically make it successful. Why? A good manager knows a thriving business depends on how employees feel on a day-to-day basis and whether they’re supported and motivated by “higher-ups.”


People try to attach all kinds of value systems, algorithms, and variables to greatness, but the truth is what makes a company great comes down to three concrete principles.


Sticking to Your Guns: How to Make the Intangible Attainable


One of the biggest mistakes companies make is treating benchmarks of status like traits or attributes that you are either born with or things that you have to come by through other means.


Due to this misconception, they wander around aimlessly hoping to stumble across the secret formula that successful businesses must keep under lock and key. What other explanation could there be?


If you want to succeed in business, look at one of the companies you idolize. Adjust your perspective. Don’t look at the traits they possess – that’s a product of what they’re after, not what you’re after. Instead, look at the way the company thinks. How they plan, strategize, and prioritize is the key to attaining greatness and maintaining a healthy management structure. Healthy management is what adds longevity to your success.


More often than not, you’ll find that their thought process is balanced on a contributory axis of three paramount priorities.


Achieving Greatness; It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


This is not an over simplification or an empty promise. According to leading strategists and business analysts, there is a decisive formula to professional success. It begins with three clearly defined principles:


1.    Put quality before cost. Competition drives businesses to find the shortest path to quick fixes. While this strategy works in the short term, your success will only come in short bursts until it finally burns bright and dies out. To truly differentiate yourself from the competition, stop taking shortcuts and start focusing on the quality of your services. Only then will you truly be exceptional.


2.    Keep revenue where it belongs – a top priority. Your company will benefit more from things that drive your revenue higher than the things that keep your costs lower. Much like the first point, building up your revenue is the only true path to sustainable success and the greatness that comes with it.


3.    There are no other rules. Variables like technology, market outlooks, and employees can change as long as the first rules are your constants.


This strategy will give you staying power in your industry. When combined with the right financial option (like a merchant cash advance or business loan), you will have all the resources you need to reach successful sustainability. Pretty soon competing businesses will look to you for the secret ingredients to your success.


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