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Business Lines of Credit Through a Partnership with Advance Funds Network

More than just the initial investment or a lump sum for specific purposes, many small to medium sized businesses can benefit from extra working capital.  But what if all your funds are tied up in equipment, designated for rent, or otherwise inaccessible?  Especially in the early years of operation, this is a common problem that can keep businesses from reaching their full potential.


About Business Lines of Credit


Extending business credit lines to a qualifying company enable whatever type of growth or move is necessary to improve the business.  With this type of financing, you don’t have to explain or limit your spending based on specifically laid out parameters.  This money can be spent on anything that you as the business owner know to be important for your company’s present or its future.


Unlike a loan, with a line of credit you have the option to use the money or not use it as you need each month, and have fast access to funds as easy as writing a check.  This way, you only pay interest on money that you do take, and can carefully monitor what you are spending month by month.  Rather than reapplying every time you need funds, your line of credit is constantly available to you, providing every day working capital or a buffer for particular projects.


Working with AFN


While we feel confident that we can find a financing program that fits perfectly with your business needs and capabilities, we will also be straightforward in our assessment.  If we find that for some reason your company is not the right fit for this type of financing, we will let you know and discuss any other options.  But if you never ask what we can do for you, you’ll never know that we:

  • Customize funding for individual companies
  • Do not need to see business plans
  • Work with businesses as early as three months old
  • Do not require assets, invoices or personal guarantees
  • Are more flexible than traditional financing methods


Running a business, especially in the early years, includes a lot of risks.  Taking the step to seek additional financing shows confidence in what you have and that you have a vision to make it bigger and better.  It is for businesses like yours that AFN has been working hard for the last six years, and for whom we will continue to work.


So here’s to you, and let’s talk about ways we can help.

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