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Characteristics of a Great Worker


There is so much argument among employers as to whether schools offer people the necessary qualifications to make them good employees. Considering the cost of acquiring education, many institutions of higher learning are anxious to prove that higher education training contributes to the churning of graduates that make excellent employees.


Building a workforce is paramount for the profitability and the sustainability of an organization. As employers, it’s always important to identify talented employees when you are holding an interview. All candidates that qualify for an interview are right, meaning they are reliable, dependable, proactive, and diligent and possess excellent leadership skills. However, for an organization to succeed it requires remarkable and exceptional employees. This is very hard to come by in the market. This is because they possess some rare qualities that make them stand out among the crowds. Many a times these workers are on the other side of management but when they are expected to come through for the organization, they are the once who offers the most brilliant ideas in running the organization. However, they also have their flow and need to work in close corporation with the good employees.


Qualities of great employees


• They don’t follow job descriptions; each organization, especially the startups, require employees that will go out of their way to achieving a goal. Taking this route sometimes means deviating from the standard job description. Such employees do not need supervision to take action when need be to save a situation.


• They are eccentric; great employees show different personality in that sometimes they may be different from the other group. They always find a way of making a plain situation fun keeping the work environment lively. They will always challenge the status quo but in most cases come up with solutions and offer the best ideas.


• Great employees know how to read the line in different situations; unlike the good employees, they will always identify situations that calls one to play and when to be serious. They always know when to challenge something and when to let go. Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate and create a fine line between the situations but great employees will know their way out of situations.


• Unlike good employees, great employees do not publicly praise or have the need to have a public recognition. They, however, like to have their contributions recognized in group settings since their effect is most felt in such situations.


• Good employees are sometimes afraid to raise their concern with the authority directly and in most cases would rather complain or raise an issue in the group setting. However, great employees are not afraid of raising an issue of concern that will do it in private before or after a meeting to avoid causing problems among group members.


• Great employees ask questions when other fails to do so; people in a group could be having a burning issue but for fear of the unknown, they may fail to put a question on the same. However, excellent employees will ask the question never the less.


• Great employees like to prove others wrong; they are mostly self-motivated, and their drive makes them do greater things than the personal desire to do their job.


• Good employees are always unsatisfied with the process and will always find ways of complaining about something. However, excellent employees look for ways of making the processes work better as they feel it’s their obligations to do just that.


In conclusion, excellent employees sometimes are confused and may be considered weird by others. However, employers will always know a situation that calls for a great employer. It is, therefore, important for an organization to make a great employee feel valued in the organization as a retention measure.

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