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Customer Connection: 5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Running a successful business is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor, with many ways to measure success. Some measure success by sales numbers alone.  Others want to stand the test of time, while some count the size of each account.  However you rate your achievements, it is important to never forget about the customers who got you where you are today.

Here are a few ways to give an extra nod to your loyal clients and improve your customer service to keep them coming back.  Why spend the extra time and money to acquire new customers when a few thoughtful strategies will earn the appreciation of the ones you have and their recommendations to others.


  1. Clear Communication

From the first phone call or email to those initial minutes in your store, the very first impression given to your customers should be that of attentive communication.  These personal encounters are important and a great opportunity to reach out with friendly greetings and individual offers of assistance.  If you don’t get the advantage of an in-person meeting, there are opportunities to show availability and knowledge through emails and social media venues.


  1. Attentive Connection

Once you have formed a connection, you must then decide how to maintain that relationship.  This becomes especially important when it comes to customer inquiries and complaints.  Responding to these questions should be a priority, but if you need time to learn the answers, make sure to let customers know you value their interest and appreciate the time they took to ask.  Consider providing a Frequently Asked Question section on your website for common concerns.


  1. Personalized Care

The more you and your staff interact with customers, the more you can learn about them personally.  Your business has the opportunity to keep track of what customers want to see more of and what they don’t care about.  Groom your demographic and know who you can reach out to successfully.

These conversations also allow customers to feel as though they know you and can trust you and your employees, encouraging them to continue bringing you their business.


  1. Loyalty Appreciated

As you continue to grow your business, share your success with the customers who have loyally followed you.  Reward frequent customers with discounts or host referral contests with prizes.


  1. Trustworthy Staff

Since you can’t be everywhere and talk to everyone at once, you have to know that your employees have all the same tools to connect and engage with customers.  You should feel comfortable letting them use their own judgment when handling difficult situations, but still provide guidelines to make their work smooth.


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