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Different Ways You Can Use YouTube for Small Business Success

Have you wondered if your business should use YouTube in its promotions to drive business to your doorstep? People upload everything from the escapades of their family pet to tutorials on how to fix an engine. We live in a visual generation where the written word is only part of our communication. When someone needs information about how to do something, where to travel, the opinions of others on hot topics, what’s for dinner or a myriad of other things YouTube is often their first stop. Businesses can’t afford to ignore one of the largest customer bases by not tapping into the YouTube market. I’d like to share a few simple ideas that could help you utilize YouTube for your business success.


Webinar and Tutorials
Businesses have used demonstrations to sell merchandise for years. YouTube webinars and tutorials draw upon this by showing customers how to do something of interest to them in the comfort of their own home while at the same time giving them opportunity to see your product, service and business name. Let your ideas get flowing as you consider your business. Sally’Pet Grooming could feature a video on how to comb the family dog’s hair with no fuss while at the same time advertising product and reminding listeners of the importance of scheduling a quarterly grooming. Take some time and reflect upon what you could give in terms significant information that leads back to your product or service.


Professional Commercial
Sharp commercials still bring in business. The great thing about commercials is if you produce one you can use it both on TV and Youtube. We live in a time when people use many different forms of media. YouTube can be seen on computers, smart phones and devices that allow you to hook up to TV. Because YouTube videos are often watched over and over it would be beneficial to get professional help to make your advertisement stand out from the crowd. Sally’s Pet Grooming ,for example, could show a trendy backstage look at what happens when a customer drops their dog off for a day at the spa. The ideas for your business have endless possibilities.


Use Social Media
YouTube makes it easy to share or embed videos to social media. Don’t rely solely on the YouTube search engine to show customers how to get to you….bring your videos to them and invite them to subscribe to your YouTube business channel. Share your latest video on facebook or Linkedin with a nice introduction. Embed the video on one of your business website pages. Add the video to your email newsletter. Get your videos out in the public through social media. Video’s that catch attention will have customers desiring to buy and hear more from you.


Getting started may seem daunting. While there is much that a business owner can do on YouTube himself there are some things that require hiring the services of a professional. Making a commercial would take some investment of time and money, but it would be well worth having your brand shown in the best possible light on YouTube. Advanced Funds Network funds business loans to help small business and carries an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Their homepage has a YouTube video that is an excellent example of how to showcase your business.

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