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Don’t Forget About Using Email when Marketing your Small Business

Email marketing is a very effective way to get the word out about a business or product. Don’t believe all the hype that surrounds the theory that email marketing is over-rated. Email marketing remains a tremendous business tool for the small business owner. The email newsletter or email advertising allows the marketer to communicate with their customer on an important topic or keep the customer updated on changes to the website in an instant. Every small business owner should take advantage of email marketing. Small business owner’s should start to recognize all the advantages associated with email marketing online.


Communication Tool
A lot of business owner’s would like to keep in touch with their regular customers. However, postal mail is very expensive. The average small business owner just does not have the budget for a mass mailing campaign every few days or weeks. AFN is certainly aware of this fact, and the company has funded thousands of small business owner’s with the funds they required to keep their business running smoothly. Certainly, email marketing is a firmly established way to communicate with regular customers, promote sales, or keep the customer up to date. Email marketing remains a great communication tool.


Email service providers are very affordable. They are certainly more cost effective than regular postal mail. The small business owner does not have to worry about obtaining postage and mailing material. Simply compose a quick marketing campaign and email to all the recipients on their marketing list.


Quick Response Time
Remember the old days, when a small business owner would send out thousands of sales letters through the regular postal mail? The business owner would wait weeks, even months for a response. It took even longer to judge the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. However, email marketing is rapid. The recipient receives the email in a matter of seconds. Many recipients respond in minutes. Effectiveness is judged on the number of responses to the email.


A growing debate is brewing over the effectiveness of social media marketing versus email marketing. Email marketing still remains more effective than regular mail and social media marketing. Here is a fact that the small business owner should consider, when approaching this idea. People go to the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to primarily socialize. Marketing to that crowd is less effective. The fact is that people are more likely to click a link in an email and buy a product than making a purchase through a Facebook or Twitter marketing effort.


Are you a small business owner that still uses regular mail? Are you confident that all your messages are reaching the targeted group? Of course, you put a lot of work into your marketing campaign, but your message should be customized to make the recipient take notice. Customization of the email marketing campaign helps to build a relationship with the recipient. Email marketing allows you to instantly update or customize an email message based on the data that you’ve collected or tracked through clicks on the newsletter.


Today, it is critical for the small business owner to incorporate effective email marketing campaigns into their business tool chest. Email letters are much more difficult to ignore. Customize the greeting and write a killer headline. This will motivate the recipient to click open the email message and visit your website.

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