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Easy Ways to Upgrade Office Space


Give Your Officer a Face Lift

You spend a lot of time in your office, so it’s best if the space is comfortable and pleasant. This doesn’t have to mean moving your entire operation to a new location. There are a handful of easy ways to give your office an upgrade without moving or spending a fortune. Here are a few suggestions you can try.


Paint and Decorate

It’s a basic idea but an effective one. It’s truly amazing what a fresh coat of paint and a few personal touches can do. Choose bright colors to add energy and encourage discussion or tones that match your brand or company logo for a more professional feel. Hang artwork on the walls and add some personal tchotchkes that have meaning and inspire you. Low-maintenance plants also add life to a space without requiring a lot of care and attention.



Nothing kills motivation and productivity quite like clutter, so do what it takes to get rid of it in your office spaces. Add cabinets and cupboards, hang wall organizers, provide coat racks and do whatever else you can to ensure that everything has a place in your office. Staying organized looks better feels better and makes it easier to find the tools you need to accomplish your tasks.


Get Good Furniture

Your office furniture should be functional and ergonomic. Employee performance improves when their desk chairs and other furniture are comfortable for long periods of time and when walls and partitions provide privacy as necessary. Quality furniture is a worthwhile investment but it can be a bit pricey. Fortunately, business lenders like Advance Funds Network can help you get the cash you need to furnish your office professionally and effectively.


Supply the Right Tools

Grimy keyboards and filthy coffee pots past their prime are gross and bad for office morale. Upgrade your office by getting employees new equipment when they need it and purchasing tools that make work easier. Small changes can make a big difference. Higher quality copy paper, for instance, is less likely to jam your copier so your staff can spend more time working and less time tearing apart the office equipment.


Look at Lighting

In many modern offices, gone are the sickly fluorescent lights of the past. Instead, modern offices are using accent lights, pod lighting, and track lights to create warm, welcoming spaces. New bulbs make it possible for your lighting to be bright without being harsh. Updating your lighting fixtures and adding task lighting where necessary can greatly enhance and update your office space.


It’s easy to give your office a face lift with these simple but effective strategies. Even if you’re happy with your office overall, take a look around and take note of areas that need a little bit of love and attention. You may be surprised by just how much room for improvement there really is. Remember to take suggestions from employees, as well, since they are the ones working in the trenches every day. They may have a few issues in their work space that you’re not aware of.

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