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Engaging Employees in Any Economy

The Economy and Employment


Difficult economies are obviously a trial to the workers set adrift by unemployment.  But now challenges stemming directly from struggling economies are becoming more evident to the companies at large.  People have shown a decrease in skills that makes many of them under qualified for any jobs that do open up.  The changing face of technology and many other fields also require a shorter term approach to employee retainment and so businesses can no longer rely on company loyalty alone.


These changes require new way of thinking, a more intentional way of engaging workers.

Planning the People


The central message for the business owner should be: plan ahead.  Plan for the future you hope your business will achieve.  With that comes aspects that should be considered well ahead of time.

  • Hire with Intention:  Rather than hiring whoever you happen to find at the last minute, think ahead in the hiring process.  Think you’ll need a certain position filled in the next few years?  Plot what that ideal candidate looks like and start searching early on.  Then that perfect fit can have time to acclimate to your company so that they can excel when they’re most needed.
  • Open up the Human Resources:  HR has always denoted a cloistered branch of the company set up to keep the rest of the business safe while fielding the needs of employees.  Now this department must become part of the larger conversation and engage in business with their emphasis of skills.
  • Maintain Relationships with Ex-Employees:  Whatever reason they may have for moving on, do what you can to maintain a pleasant and professional relationship.  Nothing good can come of a disgruntled employee, but beyond that you can form helpful connections for recruiting and networking later on.
  • Train the Ideal Employee:  Many companies are being criticized for not investing enough in on-the-job training for their employees, ultimately hurting both workers and employer.  Giving your employees the resources to learn their job and then the room to go beyond allows for growth and greater potential for the whole company to succeed.


Investing in employees from hire to departure now more than ever should be a priority in the process of your business’ continued success.


Making the Right Decisions for Everyone


The last thing you want to be worried about when taking care of your company and its employees is acquiring a business loan despite bad credit.  Advanced Funds Network has been helping businesses with bad credit business loans since 2007 and so we’ve seen our fair share of businesses struggling to outlast the crumbling economy.  We provide simple and quick financing solutions that can help you through whatever tough times.  Converting your future sales into immediate capital allows us to extend our lending services based on your monthly revenues.  We can easily decide on a customized plan with a mutually agreeable payback on your bad credit business loan.  Don’t give up on your dream or on your employees and take advantage of our many financing solutions.

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