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Equipment Leasing and Finance: Reaching the Next Phase

The public perception of equipment leasing and finance is that it begins with finding hot leads. Leads definitely come into the mix, but people who are not industry insiders typically miss the first step of this crucial process: acquiring the funding to secure and bid on equipment and contracts.


The Non-Negotiable Factor


Entrepreneurs don’t get into the business of leasing, selling, or buying equipment accidentally. This venture takes planning and cash flow to succeed.


Industries like medical science, construction, landscaping, and trucking all rely on specific and hard-to-find machinery and technology. If you’ve made this niche your bread-and-butter, then you are familiar with what it takes to establish and compete in a specialized field. It requires financing beyond seed money.


The transition from a start-up to a fledgling equipment provision company might not look that different on paper, but the good news is you’ve made it beyond the six month start-up phase. Hitting that benchmark also puts you in a new sphere for financing. This is a crucial distinction for businesses that rely on larger amounts of working capital.


It’s not uncommon for sellers on the open market to list their items with a negotiable price tag. While this is a positive on the bartering side, it is often viewed as a negative on the lending side. Traditional bank-based lending does not leave anything to chance. You have to know exactly what you need and when you need it. You also have to prove that you’re a worthy borrower. From the bank’s standpoint, you prove this using three figures:

  1. Your credit score
  2. Your sales and expense records
  3. The value of your collateral


These numbers tell the loan officer that lending you money is worth the risk because you can afford to pay back or afford the loss of property if you default. When it comes to lending in a cash flow-heavy industry, the numbers do not always fall in your favor.


A Favorable Alternative


Unsecured lending tells a different story.


Not unlike the business of equipment leasing and finance, unsecured lending offers cash flow-dependent businesses several avenues by which to meet their goals. The base cost of equipment can range anywhere from $1500 to $100,000+. That cost may or may not cover transport, delivery, or contract fees. Therefore, what you need is a reusable source of working capital. Luckily, Advance Funds Network (AFN) has several options to choose from.


We offer high-threshold credit lines and advance options to businesses unable to qualify for traditional financing. These funds come with virtually no strings attached. The personal and business credit check is as flexible as your equipment supply needs. Collateral is not required and the financing is unrestricted.


We give you the resources you need to become a player in your industry. We have helped breathe new life into equipment provision services nationwide. Don’t let your financial history remove you from competition before your company is fully developed. Assistance from AFN propels you toward your next developmental phase.

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