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Grow Your Small Business with Facebook Marketing Tips

In the nine years since the launch of Facebook, it has become the top social network on the internet.  At over one billion active users, it is easy to see why it has become much more than just a social platform.  With the right tools and a few tips, Facebook can become your own professional marketing tool, and a highly successful one at that.  Here are a few networking tips to begin your Facebook marketing.

1. Add a Like Button or Share Dialog to Your Website.


A simple plugin, the “Like Button” allows viewers of your website to like your Facebook page without even leaving your website.  A “Share Dialog” encourages them to share your relevant posts or products with all of their friends in turn.


2. Add Your Business Page to Your Personal Profile.


Connecting your personal Facebook page to your professional one provides yet another level of visibility.  Friends and family can see your place of work and follow the link to your business’ page.


3. Invite Contacts and Friends.


Once your business is on Facebook, you have all of your current contacts readily available, so ask them to “like” your page.  Under the “Build Audience” menu on your page, you can connect with people in your email address book or use Facebook’s network and take them up on friend recommendations.


4. Participate on Other Facebook Pages.


Your business need not be static; look and see what other businesses are doing with Facebook and see if you both can benefit by interaction.  Like other pages and comment to increase your exposure to your target audience.


5. Invest in Facebook Advertising.


Advertising your page with Facebook can bring much more traffic to your site.  Create ads and pay to have them featured on side bars or utilize sponsored ads.  With Facebook’s advanced monitoring, they will show up to just the audience you seek.


6. Post Often, But Not Too Often


Ask questions about recent events related to your business, notify of upcoming releases or ask a question.  Get people interested by showing up on news feeds and word will spread.


7. Hold Contests


Now that you have a beginning fan base, interact with them!  Give away that new product you have been talking about to the fan who can give the most creative answer to a question.  Or take a vote on the favorite type or use of your product to generate interest.


Beyond Facebook


Facebook will remain an essential marketing tool for years to come.  To maintain the success of your business page and the many other costs outside the cyber world it may be helpful to consider unsecured business loans.  Advanced Funds Network has been helping small businesses take the many steps necessary to be successful in times of difficulty.  Since 2007, we have assisted both small and medium sized businesses achieve great things through unsecured business loans, cash advances and lines of credit.  If that extra help can enable you to do great things, let us partner with you in your success!


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