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Five Simple yet Effective SEO Tactics for Better Ranking

1. Title
The title of a website is one of the most important aspects when it comes to SEO, also known as search engine optimization. Naturally, one will want to include their targeted keywords in this section. Another thing to consider is placing these keywords toward the beginning of the title tags. Best results come when the title tag is within 70 keywords. Going over is usually counter productive. However, the uniqueness of one’s title is probably the most important thing. Applying the last mentioned tip is easier said than done, as there’s tons of competition.
2. Description
The description is what a visitor sees below the title of a website when they are searching on a search engine. This area doesn’t only optimize a website’s search engine ranking, but it lets visitors get a good idea of what the site is about. Just as with the title, the description should have targeted keywords and a unique, descriptive description of what the website is about. In a nutshell, optimizing a website’s description increases both the search engine ranking and click-through rate.
3. Heading
Both the title and description are not visible on the webpage itself. However, the heading is very much visible. Just like the title and description, it’s very important for SEO. Search engine robots heavily depend on information from this area, so optimizing it’s a great idea. Having h1 tags are one of the best ways to do this. In these h1 tags, include all important targeted keywords. Most importantly, make sure it’s unique. The heading is very similar to the description because it gives visitors a good idea on what the site is about.
4. Content
Without a doubt, content is one of the most vital aspects of a website when it comes to SEO. Aside from having a minimum of 500 keywords, it’s highly recommended to maintain a specific keywords density, especially in the first few lines. Search engine algorithms have advanced dramatically in just the past few years. Instead of mainly focusing on keywords and keyword density, they are mainly concerned with unique, usable, high-quality content. Again, content is king.
5. URL Address
Many may not be aware of it, but search engine algorithms look for SEO in URL addresses as well. In general, shorter URLs are better than longer ones, but are harder to obtain at the same time. It’s also equally as important to include targeted keywords in this area, especially in the beginning. Hyphens also play a part in bettering SEO of a website address.
All in all, there are many things that one can do to optimize their website. However, these are the major, main tips. Businesses that are looking for extra cash should seriously consider looking into AFN, or advancedfundsnetwork.com. One will be able to find all kinds of helpful information about finances at this website while optimizing their website’s search engine ranking at the same time.

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