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From Lifeblood to Lifeline: Restoring SMB Credit through Unsecured Financing

Owning a small business can be financially polarizing. On the one hand, you have the task of contributing to the economic recovery of this nation. On the other, until you can prove that fact on paper, traditional banks won’t lend you any working capital.


It’s a tough spot to be in and it causes many small business owners to eschew the traditional loan process; their optimism tarnished and their credit hanging by a thread, these owners are in need of the financial savior that is unsecured financing.


How much is Lifeblood Worth?


People like to say that they’ve put everything they had into making something work. Whether that amounts to giving blood, sweat, and tears, one thing seems to be clear– the process can involve sacrificing your credit rating.


At Advanced Funds Network (AFN), we’ve seen it all before. There are many reasons for poor credit, including:

  • The cost of assistance-free start-up
  • Putting all cash flow back into the business
  • Utilizing all private investors
  • Natural disasters
  • An unexpected large-scale expense
  • Attrition


All of these things and more are enough to financially capsize a small business, especially one that’s fresh out of the start-up phase. Many proprietors choose the lesser of two evils and sacrifice their credit as opposed to folding under the pressure and closing their doors.


Flexible Financing When You Need it Most


This strategy creates a quick burst of working capital. The downside: there will be no more cash where that came from.


You think banks were risk-adverse before? Show up with a credit score that’s been put through the SMB meat grinder, and you’ll be lucky to leave with a complimentary pen, let alone financing.

Here at AFN, our motto is “when banks say no, bank on us.” Bad credit is not a disqualifier. We are able to be more flexible than traditional lenders because we approve loans based on either present or future income. We also have unsecured options to fit every need. You can pay as you go or pay balances off automatically; some credit lines are even reusable.


To prove to you that we’re serious, let’s look at the statistics.


Right now:

  • 80% of small businesses need financing to get a product or service in front of the consumer
  • 55% of small businesses have had to open multiple lines of credit to stay afloat
  • 34% of business owners are relying on professional credit lines
  • 46% of owners are relying on their personal credit lines


We can help you break the cycle of habitual debt. A loan from AFN can help you pay down debt, sustain your business, and rebuild your credit. Speak to one of our representatives to construct a plan that keeps your company and your credit afloat.

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