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Getting Healthy – It’s More than just a New Year’s Resolution

The holiday season is coming up and on its heels there are sure to be New Year’s resolutions. What is the number one New Year’s resolution? Answer: to get in shape. Health and physical fitness have always been an important part of our lifestyle, but for some of us, that commitment goes further. For some of us, the pursuit of fitness is more than a resolution; it’s a business.
If you are in this group, you know how important it is to keep up with popular health trends. These trends are what fuel your clients as well as your business. We’ve collected the top three health and fitness trends for 2014. This list can help you forecast how best to use an unsecured business line of credit to get the largest residual returns possible.



3 Popular Health Trends for Everyone from the Novice to the Guru


Even if you haven’t developed a guru-level sense of health and fitness, it is obvious the arch over the industry as a whole is healthy living with an interactive twist. The question is: do you know how to take your individual business from static to interactive? It takes more than an unsecured business line of credit to achieve this goal, but look closer and you might find out just where that unsecured business line of credit could be invested.


Fitness Trend #1: Break the marathon mold. Running is one of the most popular ways for people to stay fit and healthy. The trick is they have to keep at it to see results. Too many people start with a strong commitment to run every day and end up faltering a few weeks later. Mud runs and obstacle courses keep this burnout at bay. This isn’t your mother’s marathon. You are expected to complete the full course whether that involves wall climbs, wading through ice water, falling in the mud, paintball, or even zombies. These courses employ whatever tactics are necessary to keep you motivated and moving. AFN has completed three Tough Mudders and plans on completing the Spartan Trifecta in 2014.


Fitness Trend #2: Healthy employees are happy employees. What happens if you can’t fit time into your daily schedule for a regular workout? Take it to work with you. Companies around the country are beginning to realize that one way they can increase work productivity and decrease employee sick days is by offering CrossFit classes in the workplace.


Fitness Trend #3: When in doubt, there’s always fusion. From Soulcycle to dance fusion, it’s obvious people are looking for more than straightforward aerobic exercise. They want something they can stick with. By adding interactive elements and quick change-ups, clients rarely have time to get bored with what they’re doing, let alone give up.


Advance Funds Network (AFN) shares your commitment to fitness from a financial standpoint. Our unsecured business line of credit can give you the resources it takes to update your fitness center and class schedule(s). Invest in anything from remodeling and purchasing new equipment to marketing and large-scale community events. Let us help you reach your professional resolutions.

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