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You may already be familiar with non-government purchase order financing which allows businesses to quickly gain the capital they need in the short term. Business often do this to take on or fulfill a contract and grow their business without taking on a transaction that appears as a debt, even in an instance when traditional financiers would decline to provide such funding. Government purchase order financing exists in much the same realm, but with some key differences.

Government purchase order financing is an option for businesses that have government contracts and are seeking a business line of credit. Government contracts are, of course, highly sought after for their tendency to turn into ongoing business and, thereby, beneficial cash flow for businesses. Fulfilling a government contract, which in many cases will be large, can be expensive for businesses, and without funding it can put a strain on their resources. It is in situations such as this that government purchase order financing is an ideal option.
As with non-government purchase order financing, one of the greatest benefits of government purchase order financing is that the funds are delivered quickly. This allows businesses to quickly and efficiently fulfill their contracts, keep their customers happy and hopefully increase the likelihood that they become repeat customers.


Without additional funding, some businesses may find themselves having to delay fulfillment of a contract or even turn contracts down. In an economic climate where banks are particularly cautious with regard to the loans they are willing to give out, non-traditional funding has become an increasingly popular option for businesses. In these cases, government purchase order financing is an option that merits consideration.


Suppose your business receives an offer for a large government contract that would be a great boon to your efforts and future growth, but being a large contract, it’s just a bit out of reach for your currently available finances. Just as is done with non-government purchase order financing, government purchase order financing provides businesses with the money they need to purchase supplies and goods essential to fulfilling an order or contract, while leaving the vital business funds in place to be used where they are needed.


If you have or are in line for a government contract, contact Advance Funds Network today to discuss government purchase order financing and receive a free quote. Small-to-medium-sized businesses with any credit score can be accommodated. Our goal is simple: we want to approve your business for financing that will help it grow, and we want to do so quickly and without hassle.

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