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Growing Your Car Wash Business with a Merchant Cash Advance Loan

Does your car wash business need more working capital? Many small business owners find themselves in need of funds to manage the day to day demands of the business. Others need funds to help them to expand and grow. The merchant cash advance may be the perfect fit in some situations. You can use this loan for virtually any need you have, including making payroll, buying equipment, or financing repairs. You can use these funds to buy advertising for your business to get people in the door. To find out how well this particular type of loan can work for you, turn to the leader in the industry – Advance Funds Network.

Why Use This Loan Option?

The following are some of the key advantages of using a merchant cash advance loan. How well do these terms fit your needs?

  • You can get the merchant cash advance quickly. In most cases, the funding takes no more than 48 hours.
  • There is no credit check. This means that you may qualify for this cash advance even if you have a poor credit rating.
  • If you do have bad credit, you will not be disqualified automatically. Rather, you can still qualify for financing as long as you meet other requirements.

How can this help your business’s bottom line? In short, it will help your car wash to accomplish its financial needs – purchasing inventory, creating an effective marketing campaign, help you to consolidate your debts, repair your equipment, or even expand to a new location. The ways to use these funds is unlimited.

Keep the following in mind when you apply for a merchant cash advance loan from Advance Funds Network.

  • The company provides capital to you based on your future credit card receipts. A percentage of your daily receipts go towards repayment of the borrowed funds (both will agree on that percentage upfront.)
  • Another option is to use a fixed payment plan. Here, you will make daily, weekly or monthly payments until the funds are repaid in full.

In all situations, you do not have to have collateral and there is no required personal guarantee. There are no checks to write and there are no restrictions on the way you use these funds to benefit your business. There are no hassles in the application process, either. It is fast, affordable, and easy to obtain.

To obtain merchant cash advance funding, apply through Advance Funds Network. The company does not charge a fee for the application process. It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form online, or you can contact the company’s financial advisors over the phone. You will get a quote within 24 hours from the company. How could this type of loan help your car wash business to grow and expand? Could it help you to grab more of the market share or help you to update your equipment so that customers seek out your establishment? Find your loan now and get the process underway.

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