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Leasing vs. buying- which is better for your business?

Businesses must have access to the right equipment in order to complete specific tasks. No machines and equipment will last forever, and replacing outdated or worn out machines is necessary for all businesses at some point. Some equipment may even boost productivity and improve your bottom line, and it can be truly advantageous to make an upgrade from time to time. Whether you are preparing to make an upgrade or you simply want to replace equipment that has reached the end of its useful life, you may be wondering if you should lease or buy your equipment. Each situation is unique, and you can more easily analyze your current options by focusing on a few important factors.

How Long You Plan to Use the Equipment

A primary factor to consider relates to the length of time you plan to use the equipment. With some types of equipment, it may be necessary to make a replacement every couple of years to keep up with the latest innovations and features available, or you may plan to upgrade the equipment fairly soon due planned changes in your business. With other types of equipment, the goal may be to keep the items in use for as long as possible. The length of time that you plan to use the equipment should then be compared against the cost of the equipment.

The Cost of the Equipment

When you purchase some types of equipment, you may qualify for tax benefits, such as the ability to write off depreciation. This is not an option when you lease equipment, so there is an immediate benefit that you can enjoy when you purchase equipment. However, if the cost of the equipment is high and you plan to replace it in the relatively near future, it may be more cost-advantageous to lease the equipment. This is particularly true if you do not anticipate the item holding its value. If you are considering an item that can be re-sold later without a considerable financial loss to you, purchasing it may be a smart idea.

How Affordable the Payments Will Be

A final factor to consider is how affordable the payments will be. Through Advanced Funds Network, you can obtain lease financing as well as equipment loans and other types of financing that may be used to purchase the equipment. When you speak with a representative about your options, you can obtain quotes for different monthly payments. While there may be financial advantages to purchasing versus leasing or vice versus, it is also critical that the option that you pursue is affordable for your budget.


Some equipment and machines may be optional for your business, but others are essential or highly advantageous. Replacing and upgrading machines from time to time is important, and there will be instances when leasing is more cost-effective than buying or vice versa. Each situation is unique, so the best idea is to thoroughly review each scenario and to request information and about leasing payments versus financing options available through Advanced Funds Network.


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