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How Failure Can Help-Not Hinder-Your Small Business


A Seemingly Hopeless Situation

It’s 12:00pm on a Tuesday, about 3 months after you set out on a bold entrepreneurship with the hopes of starting your own business, setting your own hours, and being your own boss. The Kickstarter that you’ve been working on or the pitch that you’ve been crafting for months has finally debuted. There remains one issue; things are not going the way that you had hoped, and the audience that you thought you grew is not responding and spreading the word. The word “failure” rests in the back of your mind, and suddenly your dreams appear to be collapsing all around you.


This situation is a common one for many small businesses just starting out, but it is not one that has to mean the end of your venture. Failure early on is better than failure later down the road, as it provides a wake-up call as to the current strategy employed by your business. At first, failure right out the gate can seem like a nightmare; was all that time invested for nothing? The truth is that the only way we learn is through the mistakes that we make.



How to Recover

The first thing on business owner’s mind after accepting recent failure, is most likely this: “How much money have I lost?” Certainly, the most worrying prospect is the thought of losing everything you have, without the ability to recover any damages. This is where a company called Advance Funds Network can help, or “AFN” for short. After suffering through a loss, you need a way to recoup those funds to stand up and try again. For some, this is easy, as they may have alternative sources of income, or they may have accounted for this circumstance and prepared for the possibility of this outcome. For others, recovering is not as simple, and additional outside help is required.


AFN specializes in quick business loans for just this type of situation. With 110% customer satisfaction ratings, 350+ clients funded monthly, and 2 hour average approval times, they are an excellent organization to reach out to after a recent business failure. They offer many different ways of paying the money back, which includes but is not limited to paying a percentage of your sales, or opting for a fixed daily, weekly, or monthly rate.


AFN has obtained an impressive A+ rating for 8 years straight, prides itself on having simple application processes and excellent customer support, and even runs a blog with new advice on running your business. Recovery is their forte, and thinking about utilizing their services to your business back on its feet should be one of the first decisions made as a business owner.



In Summary

Failure is not the end of a small business, it is a new beginning. It’s a chance to see the mistakes that were made, to analyze how they were made, and how to avoid them in the future. Those that go on to grow their business are the ones that never gave up when faced with minor setbacks.

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To quote the words of Sylvester Stallone: “Life’s not about how hard of a hit you can give, it’s about how many you can take and keep moving forward.”

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