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How to Get a Bad Credit Business Loan in California

In need of a California bad credit business loan? You are not alone. Many businesses throughout the country have seen credit taken away by bigger lending companies and banks who say they can no longer afford to loan out. Others are seeing their credit ratings fall as they have lost jobs or their business has slowed down, making it harder to pay the bills. The good news is that you can still find financing and to do it, you just need to focus on the options available to you through Advance Funds Network. The company offers the California (CA) bad credit business loan options you need, as well as options for any other state or situation.


How to Get a Bad Credit Business Loan


If you are in CA, bad credit business loan options are available and obtaining them can be easier than you think. However, it is critical to take a few steps to ensure you get the financing you need.


  • First, be in operation for at least two years if you plan to apply for a loan through a traditional lender. If you are using Advance Funds Network, you will need to be in operation for at least six months.


  • You will not need to have credit card transactions. Since this type of extension of credit is based on the amount you earn in credit card transactions and gross sales, you will need to meet specific guidelines for it. This is the most common and easiest way to extend credit, but there are other options that can fit your business situation. Just ask Advance Funds Network to explain the options for you.


  • Be sure to put your best foot forward. In a typical small business loan, you will need to show the lender a business plan outlining your ability to pay and your business’s financial goals and profits. In some cases, this can be limiting. If your business does not have a business plan, consider the advantages in creating one. But with Advance Funds Network, you will not need to show one to obtain the loan or line of credit.


A CA bad credit business loan can be an ideal tool for financing your business’s goals. However, qualifying can be difficult. Most traditional lenders do focus on credit scores and creditworthiness when loaning money to the business. That could stop you from being profitable. On the other hand, you should not feel limited by what other companies can offer. They may want more information, collateral and extensive references to loan to you, but not all lenders require this.


Advance Funds Network is often the go-to organization for California bad credit business loan funding. The reason for this is simple. You do not have to be limited by your credit score. Rather, you have the ability to achieve your financial goals through the credit card transactions and gross sales you consistently make every month. Rather than be limited by credit scores, you have access to the loans you need to keep your business operational. In situations where traditional unsecured loans are not available because you have a bad credit score, consider the advantages of Advance Funds Network, one of the best options for small businesses today. Take a look at how they can help you to get the money you need.

Bad credit business loans with AFN

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