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How To Get Alternative Bank Funding For a Small to Medium-Sized Business

Funding is often difficult to obtain access to if you are a small business owner. Lenders are reluctant to help out small businesses because of their size, poor credit history or lack of credit history at all. Advance Funds Network has options for small businesses struggling to get loans, cash advances or lines of credit that are affordable and convenient. They have been helping small businesses get the funding they need since 2007 with their Merchant Cash Advance services and Unsecured Lines of Credit. There are no limits involved with the funds they provide and the money can be used for any business expense you may need it for.

Growth is often difficult to achieve in today’s trying business climate. It usually requires funds to be invested in new equipment, inventory, and employees. Advance Funds Network has affordable and reliable small business micro loan options available that can help facilitate this growth. Their terms are reasonable and make receiving funds an option even for businesses that are in their early stages of development.

The Merchant Cash Advance service offered by Advance Funds Network is a great choice if you need money for your business quickly. The application process is simple and can be completed online. You will receive a free quote within 24 hours of your application submission. There is no credit check required and funds will be transferred to you within 48 hours of your guaranteed approval. Collateral is not required for a Merchant Cash Advance, and there are no limitations on what your newly acquired funds can be used for. Payback options for the advance are flexible and straightforward. They can be handled either as a fixed rate paid daily, weekly, or monthly or as a percentage of your future credit card receipts.
An unsecured line of credit can also be granted to you based on your projected future sales. This is a valuable asset to have, as it allows you to have immediate access to funds should unexpected expenses arise or your desire to make a new investment into your business. The line of credit costs you nothing and you only pay for the money you use. There are options available for cash and check-only businesses as well as business that accept a wider range of payment receipt options. If you have poor credit you are not disqualified from receiving an unsecured line of credit from Advance Funds Network.Business Term Loans

These are just a couple of the great options offered by Advance Funds Network that are available for you as a small business owner.  For quick cash you can apply for a Merchant Cash Advancein minutes and have the money you need without the need for a credit check. For a steadier source of funding you can establish an unsecured line of credit with Advance Funds Network and have immediate access to cash anytime.

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