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How to Navigate a Small Business Loan

Getting a small business loan can be confusing and daunting for any business owner. Luckily with preparation and research anybody can get a loan and there are many resources available to entrepreneurs. With the help of the internet and professional loan experts the process can be relatively quick and painless.


Consider applying to several different institutions for a loan as each one will have different fees and rates. Banks are not the only options for loans and other networks, such as the Advanced Funds Network, can actually be easier and have better rates. If you choose to go through the process traditionally with a bank do your best to obtain all financial and sales records for you and your business. Having all of these materials already on hand will be necessary in filling out the application as it should be as detailed as possible and give a clear picture of your financial standing. Make sure to ask for lists of required documents from each institution that you plan on applying at.


Your loan proposal is one of the biggest factors in whether or not you get the loan. Your proposal should be fully researched with statistics, projections, and all information pertaining to your business. Highlighting your projected revenue and fully outlining the entire structure of your business will help the loan officer visualize and see how successful your current business plan is. Consider having an electronic presentation as well as all of your research to present to the loan officer. This presentation should contain all of the graphs and projections that you have done or had done in order for you to have a good chance of receiving the loan. Do not be afraid to get some outside help and you may wish to consider hiring a professional business consultant or a firm that does this every day and knows the ins and outs of the loan process. The entire process can be very daunting and overwhelming for even the most accomplished business owners. Luckily in this day and age there are easier and better options available.


Non-traditional loan networks such as the Advanced Funds Network can be a simpler and more economical choice for small business owners. Because it is a network and not just one institution they are able to offer more competitive rates and work one on one with you to find the best option for you. After your application is submitted you receive your very own funding consultant that helps you through the process and is open and honest with you no matter what the outcome of the loan process is. Because of this one on one approach more small businesses qualify and subsequently are able to receive more money and better rates. This simplifies the process because these consultants do this on a daily basis and know how to recognize the potential in your business.


With the networks and tools available to small business owners anyone is eligible for a loan. It can be very complicated and daunting but the end result and profit that you receive from your business makes all the long hours and paperwork worth it. Options such as the Advanced Funds Network make getting your loan easier than it has ever been before.

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