How to Recruit Top Talent for Your Company


In today’s global e-commerce marketplace, there are few real barriers left to prevent you attracting the type of top talent your company requires to become an industry leader. But then again, there is also a lot more competition today for that top talent. Companies from across the globe are all vying for the same candidates with an ever-increasing list of enticing company perks and incentives.


So how can you be sure your company will be able to bring in the talent required to rise to the top of your industry? These tips could make the difference between getting the cream of the crop or the bottom of the barrel.


Use Your Complete Package As Bait


For today’s brightest recruits, simple compensation alone is often not enough to incent them to join your company. They want more than just stable income, health benefits and a steadily growing retirement account.


They want in on the coolest projects and training on cutting-edge technology. They want flex time and a telecommuting option so they can have a career and have a life too. They want smart devices and remote access and resume-boosting networking opportunities and the chance to innovate, create and optimize.


By using everything you have to offer – the complete package – as bait, you give your company a chance to successfully compete for the workers every company wants to hire.


Give Your Corporate Culture a Facelift


One of employers’ top challenges today is balancing a workforce that is top-heavy and bottom-heavy. In other words, there is an influx of young, ambitious millennial working side by side with executives and management who hail from a very different era, dress code and code of conduct.


Corporate culture is what defines how your workplace operates, how individuals cooperate, collaborate and achieve and who gets to have a say in what occurs. The top talent isn’t going to want to work for a top-down organization with a corporate culture that says the lowest runs on the corporate ladder don’t get a voice.


Today’s workers want to enjoy their work life. They want collaboration and creativity and ongoing opportunities to learn and master new skills. They want employee-led programs and policies that reflect their wants and needs. And they want to know they are valued team members right from day one.


If your corporate culture does not currently speak to these needs, this could easily be the reason you are struggling to attract the workers you want most. Here, a simple facelift could do the trick.


Post your jobs in the right places.


If you want to hire the best people for your open positions, you have to go to where they are looking for work. In addition to the large melting pot online job and career sites, there are growing numbers of specialty recruitment sites that cater to applicants with specific interests, such as startups, technology or sustainability.


As well, social media is increasing used as a recruiting tool, as are personal networks. This reflects the shift towards using word-of-mouth and peer networks for recommendations about everything from what brand of dryer sheets to use to which applicant to hire.


Demonstrate Your Potential to Grow


Finally, a surefire way to catch the interest of bright, ambitious, talented applicants is to show your company’s potential for growth. For example, if you have just taken out a line of credit with Advance Funds Network (AFN) to fund a new app or a startup venture, let applicants know that you are recruiting towards this project.


Today’s top talent is eager to be a part of something fresh, exciting and potentially industry-changing. Give them an opportunity to do just that and you might just find yourself with resumes stacking up on your desk!


These four tips represent some of the most successful tactics recruiters and employers are using today to not just attract but also retain the top talent in their industries. By taking the time to implement each tip, you put your company in a position to compete successfully for the workers every company wants.

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