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How to Start a Small Business Blog

There are many benefits associated with starting a business blog. Through blogs, you can enhance your SEO marketing efforts by including your targeted keywords and phrases in your blogs. You can highlight benefits of your products, create personal interest stories about how your services helped your customers or offer tips and advice relevant to your target audience. These blog posts can help you to remain in touch with your customers, build your brand, sell your products and more. Regardless of the goals you have in mind for your blog, you may be wondering how to get started blogging.

Create Your Website

There are essentially two different options available when creating a business blog. You can either add blog posts to your existing website, or you can create a new website tailored specifically to your blog. When you add a blog to your existing website, you may need to work with your website designer to make adjustments to your page. Professional website design services will also be needed to create a new website. Each time you add a new blog post, you may need to use professional services.

Hire a Writer

Next, you will need to begin creating content for your blog. You can write your own blog posts, but many business owners will outsource this task or enlist the help of an employee. The best blog posts will be well-written and will have specific goals or purposes in mind. They also will be enriched with targeted keywords and will be relevant to your target audience’s interests. These are posts that will reflect on your business and your brand. With this in mind, you can see why many will use the professional writing services of a freelance writer skilled with blog posts and search engine optimization.

Brainstorm Topics

Blogs are most effective when new blog posts are added to your website on a fairly regular basis and when the topics are carefully selected. From time to time, you may create timely blog posts related to current events. However, in most cases, topics can be created weeks or months ahead of time, and you can take different spins on the same topic. For example, a plumber may create a blog post about what causes toilet clogs, how to prevent toilet clogs and what to do if the toilet gets clogged.

Consider Your Budget

Blogging is relatively affordable in comparison to many other types of marketing efforts you may pursue, but there is still a cost associated with it. Maintaining and updating your website as well as creating new content for your blog will cost you money. If you need funding for your blogging project, you can reach out to Advance Funds Network. Funding up to $10,000 is available without up-front costs to you. These funds can be used to pay for the establishment of your new blog website or revisions to your existing website as well as the creation of multiple blog posts that you can add to your blog periodically over the next few weeks or months as desired.


Blogging is a cost-effective and advantageous step to take to boost your marketing efforts. Generally, the most difficult part of blogging is getting the ball rolling on your project. By following these steps, you can get your blog off the ground with ease.

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