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How to Stop Majoring on Minors: 6 Steps to Improve Time Management

If we could write a manual about everything business owners need to know, we would. The thought has crossed our minds more than once, but it’s usually followed up by a question like: who has that kind of time? Time enters into the equation frequently, not only for us, but for you – the business owner.


We understand the balancing act you’re working with. That’s why, while we haven’t written a manual, we have put together some helpful information and insights into how to make your time work for you.


Completing Milestone Tasks in a Snap


From business plans to financing, running a company involves a lot of time-consuming and necessary tasks. Some of these you can delegate to your employees; others you have to make time to complete within an already busy schedule. Outlined below are six steps to completing any major task looming on the horizon.


Step #1: Block it off. Conceptually, time blocking is nothing new. Then again, how many of us can say we practice what we preach? Completion of a major project is the perfect time to prove ourselves. In order to get a large-scale project underway, you may be looking at putting in holiday and weekend hours. During downtime at the office, there are fewer demands on your time. This makes it easier to block out time without colleagues or clients noticing your absence.


Step #2: Establish a “third place.” This concept may seem foreign at first, but there’s logic behind it. Generally, we have two places we inhabit every day:

  1. Home
  2. Work

Each of these places serve a purpose in our daily lives. They also come with various distractions.


Distractions are the death of productivity. Something as simple as an exchange with a coworker or dishes piled in the sink can put a major project on hold over a minor task. The best way to stop this from happening is to create an environmental deterrent. Designate a third location that you only use to get major projects done.


Step #3: Enter isolation mode. A third location might not be enough to discourage you from looking for distractions. If that’s the case, pick a location that doesn’t allow you to leave for work or personal time unless it’s an emergency.


Step #4: Use your downtime. Everyone likes to take a break now and then, but if you’re working on a major project for your business, use your breaks; don’t waste them.


Step #5: Focus by force. This strategy is not recommended all the time, but when necessary, use apps that will unplug you from the Internet and other distractions for large chunks of time.


Step #6: Reward yourself along the way. Breaking down a large task into several smaller ones is only half the battle. When you reach the end of the smaller tasks, reward yourself. Doing so will make these milestones easier to hit.


Take it step-by-step and time will soon be on your side.

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