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Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies for Local Success

While online marketing efforts are targeted at consumers who are surfing the web on their PC or laptop in most cases, mobile marketing targets those who are on mobile devices. This typically includes smartphones and tablets. For many businesses today, it is imperative that mobile marketing is included in a thoughtful and effective marketing plan. More than that, mobile marketing must be highly effective and focused in order to provide the best results for the business. To improve your level of success with mobile marketing efforts, consider updating your marketing plan in a few strategic ways.

Local SEO Marketing

In most cases, mobile marketing is targeted to the local consumer base, so you want your marketing efforts to be localized as well. Consider selecting keywords and phrases for your SEO campaigns that are optimized based on your location. Look beyond your major metropolitan area, and consider focusing on suburbs or regions of town when selecting your keywords and phrases. For example, rather than using “plumbing in Denver” as a keyword phrase, focus on less targeted phrases like “plumber in Fort Collins” or “plumbing in Arvada.” Remember that savvy Internet users today will search for generalized information when looking for tips, advice or products that they want delivered to their home or workplace. When they are looking for a specific service, a restaurant or a store, they may search for focused geographic terms. This means that your marketing efforts should be locally focused as well.

Mobile App Development

Another idea to boost results from a mobile marketing campaign is to develop or refine a mobile app. This is not ideal for all business models, but it can be helpful for some. Realtors, event planners and others may create a specialized mobile app that consumers can download for a specific purpose. For example, a mobile app for a real estate company may provide more information about local listings.

Local Google Marketing Options

Google has evolved considerably as a search engine over the years, and it recognizes that many of its users are using Google for local searches. Google now allows businesses to update their online listings with a full address so that their business can be located on a map search. For example, if someone searched for “Italian restaurant in Houston,” Google would now use the user’s geographic location to provide search results for the closest Italian restaurants to the user rather than all Italian restaurants in the Houston area.

Funding for Your Efforts

Revising your marketing plan and making adjustments to your mobile marketing efforts can pay off for you with incredible results. However, such adjustments also may cost a small fortune, and you will need to find a way to pay for the investment into mobile marketing before you can reap the rewards. Through Advance Funds Network, you can apply for funding of up to $10,000, and these funds can be used for mobile marketing and other types of marketing that you may need to invest in.
If you have identified a need to improve mobile marketing in your business, you can work with a marketing team, or you can use in-house resources to bolster your efforts. Develop a revised marketing plan, and obtain funding necessary to bring your plan to life. Through your efforts, you may see incredible results.

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