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How to use social media to drive traffic for B2B companies

Although many B2B representatives recognize the role that internet marketing can play in helping them generate new business, many of these individuals are unaware of the profoundly effective role that social media marketing can play in helping them push their companies forward. And unfortunately, many of the B2B business owners who have made this connection lack the basic knowledge necessary to devise and implement a successful social media marketing campaign. Luckily, social media channels such as blogs, Twitter, and Facebook are relatively easy to use. Here are some strategies to help you make use of these great marketing mediums:

  1.  Build An Amazing Blog.

    This is one of the most effective social media strategies you can use to drive more traffic to your B2B business website. There are several graphic design and textual components that make blogs great, and you should begin by creating absolutely amazing content. Great content is entertaining, thoughtful, and contains language that is used and appreciated by members of one’s target market. Also make sure that your content is free of fluff and tangents while checking for grammatical errors. People will likely LOSE confidence in the professionalism of your company if your blog posts are frequently full of misspellings or lack subject/verb agreement.
  2. Create Viral-Worthy Tweets.Twitter is one of the most cost-effective social media channels that you can use. Setting up an account is free, and tweeting interesting, informative data can help you “go viral.” This phrase is appropriated to reference the reality of having your original tweet retweeted to millions and millions of people. If you write a viral-worthy tweet and it reaches a plethora of people who would be interested in the products you offer, your business’s conversion rates could undergo exponential experience.
  3. Be Social!Although this piece of advice might sound obvious, the principle is overlooked by far too many people in the B2B industry. One of the most important principles to recognize when you want to use social media to drive traffic to your business is that it’s all about being social. This means that simply tweeting links to your great content pages will not be enough to attract and maintain the attention of potential buyers. People gain Twitter followers by responding to the comments people leave them, retweeting the tweets of others, posting personal photos, and other such “social” behavior. If you’re not using all of your social media channels in this type of interactive, engaging way, your social media strategy is in need of a complete overhaul.


B2B companies that are attempting to put their businesses in a state of perpetual growth and expansion should note that social media marketing is an incredibly cost-effective, time-efficient way to make it happen. To make the most of this form of internet marketing, be sure to implement some or all of the techniques outlined above. Also note that implementing the aforementioned strategies synergistically will almost always wield the greatest return on investment.

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