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Improve Your Practice to Meet Growing Medical Needs with Customized Medical Financing Solutions

Doctors and dentists hold positions as some of the most respected professions in our society, and veterinarians provide the same levels of service for our beloved furry friends.  This high regard comes with the greatest responsibilities, entrusted with the health and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones and our pets.  


With such high stakes, the type of practice and the level of skill a physician possesses becomes of utmost importance.  The most sophisticated technology, up to date research, and a highly knowledgeable staff could mean the difference in life and death for patients.


Improving Doctor to Patient Interaction


The topic of many discussions lately has been the major changes to insurance through the newly implemented health care reform – the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.  The Affordable Care Act emphasizes preventative care first, allowing for more well visits to stave off illness and catch serious conditions early on.  These concessions will lead to more frequent doctor visits, especially as the number of insured will rise drastically across the nation.  Thus a skilled physician can easily become even more successful in a field, with the right tools at his or her disposal.


For years, Advance Funds Network has made the (financial) difference for small and medium sized businesses who have the will and ability to grow.  In order to help companies succeed, we work with them closely to provide small business loans and unsecured lines of credit that can be used at the complete discretion of the borrower.  Our experience has shown us that it’s often the “little guy” who has the biggest heart, and that can be even more true in the healing businesses.  Just as no expense is spared when saving a life from tragedy of disease, given the right resources, there are many things that can be done to prevent illness in the first place.


While the potential benefits of investing in medical practices are limitless, the foreseeable consequences for neglecting to fund improvements could be damaging.  Your facility and practice cannot progress without improving as the changing times demand.


Financing a Better Practice


Traditional financing takes time and is conditional on many strict variables.  Quick business financing solutions from Advance Funds Network can see you putting money into your business and your life’s calling within a few days.


Unsecured lines of credit from AFN can be used to:

  • Improve staff training and education
  • Pursue the highest credentials and licenses
  • Upgrade technology and equipment
  • Keep up to date on new research


With help from AFN, anything is possible, from the most basic of updates like comfort in waiting rooms and increased hours of operation, to truly lifesaving investments in equipment, training and education.  Each doctor, dentist and veterinarian can have great influence in a person’s life – don’t let a lack of financing make your decisions for you and your practice when unsecured lines of credit are available.  Partner with AFN and let us help you today.

AFN can help your business grow through a variety of unsecured lending options

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