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Is Your Business Website Mobile Optimized?


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Mobile Internet users outnumber desktop users. Mobile users ready to buy often use the Internet at the last minute to compare prices or search for alternative products. Companies that cannot deliver an excellent experience to mobile users lose out on such prime opportunities, ceding them to competitors who have had the foresight to develop a mobile-optimized online presence.


Businesses that cannot reach their mobile audience leave money on the table and encourage prospects to buy from competitors. As commerce continues to move online, companies that do not optimize their online presence for mobile users and their devices risk becoming irrelevant. The following tips will help your business discover its degree of mobile optimization.


Mobile Optimized Sites Result in Mobile Sales

A company optimized for mobile will have mobile sales. Shoppers ready to make a buying decision will use smartphones and tablets to compare local products, features, services, and prices with those found online. Web sites designed solely for desktop users often do not correctly display in mobile browsers, so companies without a mobile-optimized site lose their chance to sell to people who want to buy.

Businesses unsure as to the mobile-friendliness of their site can check their analytics data to find out. Sites with few sales to mobile users probably do not offer a positive mobile experience. In such cases, owners and managers can attempt to browse their company’s website using a mobile device to evaluate the user experience.


Mobile Optimized Sites Retain Visitors

Company websites, blogs, and e-commerce sites should have readily available interfaces that make learning, shopping, and buying a cinch. When mobile users come and go without interacting with a site, they may have encountered a design that does not work well on mobile devices. Sites that report many such bounces lack mobile optimization. Every mobile user who arrives at a site without clicking through to another page represents a possible lost sale, so companies should make deploying a mobile-optimized website a top priority.


Mobile Optimized Sites Build a Brand

When people visit a business website, they expect to get the information they need. If users easily get the information they need and a chance to make a purchase, they might complete a sale. When they have a positive experience, they spread the news by word of mouth both in person and online. Such positive sentiment can build a good reputation for a brand.


On the other hand, if a website does not properly load on a smartphone or tablet, the failed experience translates into negative emotions that can spread like wildfire, causing lasting damage to the image of a brand and the company that operates such a shoddy website.


Companies Can Afford Mobile Optimized Sites

Business owners and managers might think they cannot pay for a mobile optimized site. Although web development expenses can detract from the corporate bottom line, companies can get help. AFN can help businesses with the necessary financing to maintain a healthy cash flow while creating a mobile-optimized presence on the Web.


Businesses must have a mobile-optimized website to stay competitive in the current online marketplace. Those that do not have a site that works well on mobile devices risk losing sales and suffering from a damaged reputation. Companies that want to develop a mobile-friendly website can trust AFN for financing options that can ease concerns about cash flow.

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