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Main Reasons That Small Businesses Seek Financing

It’s a common headline in trade magazines and newspapers – small businesses fail at an alarming rate. Depending on which article you are reading, the numbers vary but are all astonishing, with a commonly stated range of 7 – 9 out of every ten businesses failing, many in the first year or two. About half of businesses make it past year two.


Businesses fail for a lot of reasons, including:

  • Starting a business just to satisfy a personal passion
  • Poor location
  • Lack of basic management and organization skills
  • Trying to expand too fast

And the number one reason is, or course, lack of capital. Often people who start businesses go into the venture with rose colored glasses, overestimating the potential revenue and underestimating the operational costs.


Problem or Opportunity?

Small businesses seek out new sources of capital for one of two reasons: problem or opportunity. In the first instance, when expenses surpass revenue, perhaps even because of seasonal sales differences, you’re going to need to find some money. As for opportunity? That can come in many different sizes and shapes. Perhaps you have the opportunity to open a new location, or buy out a competitor. Maybe you need to lay in a heavy stock of inventory for a sale or seasonal business. Could be you are growing fast and need to add employees or significantly increase your marketing.


Finding Funding

It’s nearly always difficult for a small business to find additional capital; a conventional bank or credit union is going to need additional collateral, and you’ve probably pledged everything already. If you are a newer business, lenders won’t think your track record is sufficient. There are asset-based lenders that will want security above and beyond equipment you are purchasing. Perhaps lenders don’t finance your particular business segment under any circumstances. Any of these potential sources for financing is going to take some time, a lot of paperwork with no guarantee of success.


An Easier, More Streamlined Lending Source

There is a type of financing that is nearly instant, requires no additional collateral, no credit check, and can be obtained by nearly any type of business and regardless of how long their doors have been open.


The Business Cash Advance offered by Advanced Funds Network provides a loan based on your businesses future revenues.


Loans, or lines of credit, are available in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $5,000,000 and repayment schedules will be designed by you and your loan counselor together. Repayment can take the form of a fixed payment daily, weekly, monthly, or a percentage of sales, percentage of credit card receipts or some combination of these methods.


This is just one of the financing options available through the Advanced Funds Network. To learn about all of your options and obtain the funding you need quickly, fill out the brief preliminary application and get started today.

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