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Managing Business Capital through Receivables Financing

Having capital to manage is the dream of the small-to-medium-sized business.  The key to growing beyond that is how you deal with money you have tied up in outstanding accounts.  The more successful your business becomes, the more accounts receivable you’ll have outstanding so even though you are worth more, your assets become far less liquid.  


The concept of working capital involves managing the liquid assets of your company while waiting for outstanding accounts to be paid.  Larger businesses come up with various factoring strategies, some which require haggling with clients over schedule of payments.  This is time consuming and distracting and never results in the access to your finances that you need to be successful as a growing business.


In order to not be reliant on the timing and numbers game, small and medium sized businesses need to explore their own options for solving working capital problems.


Invoice Factoring with Advance Funds Network


Juggling finances can be an interruption from regular responsibilities, straining your client relationships by emphasizing payment terms over other aspects of your business dealings.


Working with trusted and experienced financial advisors from Advance Funds Network, you may find that using invoice factoring strategies can enable your business to operate functionally without getting stuck on someone else’s timeline.


The process is simple:

  1. Submit invoices to clients as usual
  2. Sell the same invoices to a third party financier
  3. Use the money to reinvest in your business, while your financing partners collect funds from clients on the normal schedule

The sooner a company’s receivables can be turned into usable cash, the better it is able to allocate funds to different areas of the business.  This extra time gives you:

  • Steady flow of funds
  • Access to your resources sooner
  • Maintained positive relations with clients
  • No risk of cash shortages

Many companies wrestle with payment terms and interest rates, stretched between the needs of their clients and their own pressing capital demands.  By working with a designated financing program provided by Advance Funds Network, you can maintain your service-focused relationship with clients while gaining quick and consistent access to your money.


Advance Funds Network knows the challenges faced when it comes to accessing money flowing in and out of the company.  Choosing to focus on small and medium sized businesses, AFN has carefully tailored a variety of funding options to fit the specific needs of each company.  No other financing partner puts as much behind their investment in your success than we do, as we build our loans against your impending success without requiring personal guarantees or collateral.

Unsecured lending options that provide quick capital for your business


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