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Navigating the Financial Ups and Downs of the Holiday Season



Small businesses, while not producing an annual revenue that is on par with some of the larger corporations, serve as an essential part of the local and national economy. For this reason, government agencies are always looking to provide incentives to individuals who are willing to take the risk and start a small business. Small businesses are the building blocks on which communities and larger corporations are built.

The holiday season is a very tumultuous time for small businesses and restaurants. For some, the holiday season means a boom in sales and customers. For other businesses, the holiday season signals a slowdown in both the amount of merchandise sold and the amount of customers that visit their location. In both cases, small business owners may find themselves needing financing in order to help them to weather the financial storm that usually comes with the holiday season.

Booming Business and Seasonal Employees

Many small business retailers rely on the holiday season to provide them with 50% or more of their annual revenue. For these individuals, the holiday season is the make it or break it time of the year. If they are able to capitalize on the increase in sales that accompanies the holiday season, then they have a better than average chance of surviving as a business in the next year.


However, in order to do this, small retail businesses need to have access to a few things. The first thing that they are going to need is access to the merchandise that they are going to be selling during the holiday season. Nothing is worse for a retailer than having a steady stream of customers come into their store, only to find out that the product that they are interested in purchasing is no longer available.

The second thing that retailers will need to have during the busy holiday season is employees. For the majority of the year, retailers may be able to function just fine with a minimal sales staff. However, during the holiday season, in order to provide their customers with the best service, they are going to need to have a larger staff. Again, the worst thing that can happen for a retailer is to have a store full of customers who are ready to purchase their product, but cannot do it because there is no one there to help them.

In both scenarios, that of increasing the products that you have in stock and that of an increasing their sales staff, a small business is going to need financing. It costs money to buy new products. It costs money to hire new employees. Many businesses have chosen to use the services of The Advanced Funds Network (AFN) to help them get the financing that they need to survive the booming holiday season.

When Holidays Cause Businesses to Slow Down


The other side of the holiday season for businesses is not so positive. There are many businesses, and many restaurants in particular, that experience a huge slow down during the holiday season. This slow down comes from the fact that the majority of people are saving their money to buy presents and other things related to the holidays. During the holiday season many people think twice about going out to restaurants. Many restaurants will experience a low in business just prior to the holiday season and right after it.


Restaurant owners understand that, come spring and summer, their business will pick up once again. However, they may need financing to help them make it through the slow times that come with the holidays. Many restaurants have turned to Advanced Funds Network to help them get the financing that they need in order to successfully navigate this slow down in business.

What Advanced Funds Network Does for Businesses


Advanced Funds Network realizes that small businesses are important for the community. For this reason, they provide small businesses with merchant cash advances and micro loans. They understand that businesses go through slow times, and that they may need immediate financing so that they can make it through to better times. So what Advanced Funds Network does is provide credit lines based on future capital that a small business will have. Regardless of the credit situation of the business, Advanced Funds Network has a program that is designed to help them.

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