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New York Business Loan Options For Credit Card Accepting Businesses

Professionals in New York who are trying to jumpstart a new business should consider a New York Business Loan, especially if the business intends to accept credit cards. A business loan is a great way to pay for overall business expenses, get the necessary equipment to start it, etc. Business loans are quite beneficial for anyone trying to invest the most into his or her new company or organization.

Types of Loans Available


Advanced Funds Network gives great alternative New York Business Loan options to companies that accept credit cards. Some of the loans Advanced Funds Network extends are: business lines of credit which are either secured or unsecured, micro loans, venture capitalized programs, and many other choices.


Business Requirements and Loan Qualifications


In order for a company to take advantage of a New York Business Loan, a credit card accepting business must meet specific requirements to prove that it is a trustworthy investment or venture. Here are some of the most basic requirements and qualifications for a business to obtain a loan:

·         The average monthly credit card sales must total at least $2,500.

·         At least four months of the business’s credit card statements must be submitted for review.

·         The company should have existed for at least 6 months prior to applying for the loan.

·         If the business has been in trouble at first, it may not automatically be disqualified.

·         Personal Credit of employees or owners is not necessarily considered.


The payback method is dependent on numerous factors. It is determined by either the amount of credit card sales or some negotiated method of fixed payment. Business owners ultimately choose which method of loan payback sounds best.


Benefits of Such a Loan


Both parties benefit when a credit card accepting business takes advantage of a New York Business Loan.  The business owner is largely benefitted by an unsecured line of credit for the following reasons:


·         If there is any part of the money the owner does not use, he or she does not have to pay for it.

·         Does not drastically affect the business’s cash flow in a negative manner.

·         Helps the owner to meet specific needs at varying times.

·         The length of the loan is determined by the business owner, not the person extending the loan.

·         Payback time is extended.


Do not be fooled. The lender benefits also from such a loan. In fact, a New York Business Loan helps the lender in all of these ways:

·         It nearly eliminates the risk that comes with taking on an unreliable client.

·         Risk is also lowered because the lender sees the business build up a record for successful repayment of the loan.

·         Both the lender and the business owner grow together across the duration of the loan.
Any business in need of more funding should consider New York Business Loan options. Advance Funds Network, located in New York City, can consult you on which type of alternative funding option will work best for you – call them at 888-310-3110 or visit the website at www.advancefundsnetwork.com.

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