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Office Exercise Tips: Easy Ways to Stay Active at Work


Advance Funds Network cares about the businesses we works with. Stress over finances can lead to irritability and diminished productivity. Studies show even a moderate amount of exercise can produce measurable benefits. Here are 3 easy ways to ease up in the middle of the daily grind:

  • Taking the Stairs, for Real Though Office Exercise 101 is to skip the elevator and bounce up the stairs. You know that. You do that. Sometimes. That one time. So now commit. Say to yourself, “I will take the stairs down to the breakroom for lunch.” Then walk the whole way back, even if you risk a cramp on a full stomach. Continue forever, or until you retire. Green star bonus, think of all the energy you personally save now that you’re the sort of person that simply doesn’t use the electronic elevator.
  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat You’re bored, and waiting on tech support or for a client to return a call. Roll your chair back a few inches. Scoot forward in the seat. Put your arms out in front of you at a 45 degree angle. Pull your elbows back as if you’re rowing a boat. Keep your eyes forward and your neck relaxed. Do as many revolutions as you have time before your hands are needed back at the helm. Extra credit point, gradually add small hand-weights to your routine.
  • Allow Yourself to Look Silly Create a wacky routine full of lunges and/or squats. When you get up to grab that next cup of coffee, extend one leg as you drop the other knee, tightening your core as your body lowers. Stand back up straight before you extend the opposite leg, and drop the opposite knee. You could also do a full squat in between lunges. Don’t be concerned with the depth of the step or squat. Instead bask in the glow of everyone’s admiration as you lunge toward Mr. Coffee like you’ve been binge watching Monty Python. Rainbow sticker bonus, recruit coworkers on your floor or members of your team to silly walk with you. Choreograph. Get noticed. Get famous. You’re welcome.


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