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Professional Life Lessons Everyone Should Learn

Sometimes finding appropriate uses for your business line of credit comes down to taking stock of your professional life. Buried in the gems you’ve collected over the years could be your next creative idea or your next innovation.


Lessons for Living


To show you what we mean, we’ve collected several of our favorite workplace lessons to share with you.

Lesson One: You can do anything, not everything. This lesson probably takes you back to the days of parental guidance when you were told that you could do or be anything you wanted in life. This is true, but it should come with a caveat: that doesn’t mean you can do everything. At some point, the decisions you make will shape the path you walk. No one gets the opportunity to do everything; professionally or otherwise.


Lesson Two:  Argument won’t alter belief. Reason being, the two concepts are based on different foundations. An argument or debate is based on objective facts. Beliefs are based on how we interpret facts. It’s an objective process vs. a subjective one. There’s no bridging that gap.


Lesson Three: Pressure doesn’t work. If you’re going to put your small business line of credit to work in the sales department, don’t invest in a hard sell strategy. Using this strategy only exemplifies the principle of cause and effect. Backing someone into a corner until they buy something gives them the urge to push back. Realize when you should walk away because there’s no wearing them down.


Lesson Four: Pay attention to self-actualizing prophecies. There is some truth to the psychological concept of the personal domino effect.

You’re the one who sets the bar for change and expectation. It follows then that only you can meet or fail to meet those expectations. People often strive to change the wrong aspect of their situation. You can’t change circumstances or how others respond to them. You can only change your thoughts, words, and actions. Stay goal oriented and your expectation will be met.


Lesson Five: Stop chasing after that elusive “million dollar” idea. Sometimes the fact that something is elusive really means that it’s fictitious. Be live it or not, actual million dollar ideas are the ones you collect along the way. What makes a regular idea into a million dollar idea? Answer: implementation.


What good is a collection of ideas if you never take the time to test any of them? Don’t miss out on what’s plausible because you’re too busy chasing what’s possible. Our company knows a little something about what’s plausible and what’s possible.


We now offer up to two million dollars in unsecured funding to businesses in all 50 states. You can get an interest rate as low as 12% with a qualifying credit score and a two year business history.


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