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Why Small Business Owners Skip Vacations


Are you a small business owner who dreams of taking a vacation? Do you wake up every morning to the reality of endless responsibilities and to-do lists a mile long? If so, you’re not the only entrepreneur whose suitcase hasn’t seen the light of day this decade. In fact, many small business owners set up shop in the first place because they thought it would afford them the freedom and flexibility to enjoy time off, relaxing vacations and the joy of travel. Then business got in the way.


If the beach beckons you or the mountains call your name, and you’re unable to answer, it’s time to examine why small business owners like you aren’t taking vacations.


You Can’t Unplug

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s common to have an app for this, a piece of software for that. Texts, emails, Tweets, phone calls and friend requests bombard the day. Everyone needs you – right now. If you find yourself constantly checking your calendar, steering with your knee while reading profit-loss reports and being the solution to every issue your business faces, it’s likely a vacation seems unlikely. Many business owners share your habits and stress.


If unplugging for vacation seems like an impossibility, consider allowing yourself two brief sessions daily to handle business remotely. Imagine how dedicating just an hour over coffee on a breezy island balcony might relieve your stress. Do the same late afternoon while enjoying a cold beverage. You just might be surprised.


You Can’t Afford It

When you own a small business, it may feel like there’s an endless drain on your finances. It takes money to turn your vision into reality, and it may seem like cash is always in short supply. Perhaps you can’t imagine putting of your remodel or sticking with your same computer for another year. It’s common for business owners to continuously reinvest in the business. While that’s not entirely bad, it is important to reinvest in yourself. After all, what would your business be without you? When you take the time off to rejuvenate, even for long weekends a few times a year, you will return a fresher, sharper and happier business owner.


Advance Funds Network can help you set sail on vacation. A funding consultant can help explain how you may qualify for a small business loan based on your average monthly sales volume, among other factors. The average size funding is around $50,000, and you can use the money in any way you feel is best for your business. If you’re considering expansion, new equipment or additional inventory, this might be the perfect way to take that vacation you’ve needed.


You Can’t Entrust

If you hold the keys to the shop and haven’t empowered staff to handle opening, closing or banking duties, you may very well find yourself tethered to your business. This is another reason why small business owners don’t take vacations. While you’ve worked hard to build your business, you also owe it to yourself to find the right employees who share your values. Who can you trust to fill your shoes? Who will make sound decisions on your behalf? Who might offer skills that enhance your operation? By empowering the right people to assist with some of the most sensitive duties in your absence, you can free yourself up for vacations.


Owning a business can be stressful, no doubt. Many small business owners sacrifice their sanity for the shop, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With careful planning and a little discipline, rest and relaxation can come more frequently.

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