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Reducing Stress is the Key to Motivating Employees


According to Forbes, employees are likely to miss work when they are stressed. When employees are under pressure due to holiday rushes, late orders, or phone calls that never seem to end, it is important to maintain morale to keep productivity levels at the maximum. One of the best ways to boost the spirit of the staff is to have a party giving everyone some much needed time off and a reason to celebrate. Other things that can help improve work productivity include giving employees tokens of appreciation, remaining open to conversation, and rearranging seating areas if needed.


Have a party

Scheduling a thank-you party is an excellent way to motivate staff who are overworked and running on empty. By taking the time to let employees know they are valued and respected, an employer can help build morale and increase the level of productivity. This is particularly useful in stressful jobs and situations. Many companies receive an influx of business during holiday seasons. Often high volumes of work orders and purchases creates stress among employees who compete for commission payments.


Employers who do not have the cash upfront to plan a party can get a business loan from places like Advance Funds Network. Using funds to create a celebration for a job well done or meeting service goals is helpful for small businesses that need a creative way to boost company spirit. Showing employees that their hard work is noticed and appreciated goes a long way to mending fences when the boss has been pushing everyone hard.


Open communication

The Wall Street Journal tells employers to keep their office door open to staff. Company management that takes the time to listen to their employees can help reduce the level of stress that their workers feel during busy schedules. By keeping the lines of communication flowing, employees feel that their concerns and needs are being met by management. These people are more likely to do their best work and stay with a company rather than seeking alternative employment.


Tokens of appreciation

Businesses that take the time to notice the hard work of their employees are often rewarded with more production and a better quality of work. Staff that know they are respected and their extra efforts are recognized tend to be happier and healthier. This increase in mood can be infectious. By giving employees a customized gift with their name or a gift picked out specifically for them is one way that a manager or owner can show their staff that they care.


Signs of stressed out employees

According to the Help Guide, employee stress can occur from increased workloads, extra pressure when cutbacks are made, fear of layoffs, and pressure to perform at maximum levels all the time. When employees show the following symptoms, an owner or manager should consider making a change to boost the mood of workers.

  • Agitation
  • Fatigue
  • Problems with concentration
  • Anxiousness
  • Headaches
  • Tension
  • Muscle pain
  • Stomach issues
  • Need for coping mechanisms like alcohol, drugs, or sex
  • Social distancing

Making a move

Some people simply cannot work around each other. Just like good moods are contagious, so are bad moods. Workers who are being brought down by a negative employee will benefit from an employer who moves them away from these kinds of people. Other staff may not stop talking to each other, and moving them is the best way to minimize the amount of conversation they have without the need for a write-up when things are stressful. Sometimes moving the office around is a fun way to mix things up without letting employees know that they are the reason for the change.

Often, it takes a little ingenuity to reduce the levels of stress that employees feel during peak business. When staff are encouraged to communicate with management, they usually feel appreciated and listened to, which can solve many problems. A party or gift goes a long way to correct high-stress situations. When all else fails, moving the office around could be just the ticket to reducing stress.

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