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Resources You Need to Get Small Business Financing



Small business owners often need to rely on a range of sources to get funding for their business endeavors. Fortunately, there are many sources of funding out there that are receptive to giving funds to small businesses. There are a few things that you can do to prepare your business to receive the best funding and loans. Collecting a few resources will make your business more appealing to potential contributors.


A Strong Business Plan


Most funders will want to see that you have a strong business model. With many individuals trying to start their own businesses, only the ones that look the most promising will receive attention from funders. For the best results, consult a professional to help you tweak your business plan and make it more appealing to lenders.


A Portfolio


If your business has already been in operation for some time, a portfolio that shows your success is a good resource for getting funding. You can include information about past revenue as well as pictures and statistics on your business operations. Especially if you will apply for charitable funding, you’ll need to include examples in your portfolio of how your business has been helpful to the community. Creating a strong and engaging portfolio can get many investors interested in your project.


Crowdfunding Profiles


You may want to create profiles on some crowdfunding websites in order to increase visibility of your business and receive donations. This mostly applies businesses that provide a very unique service or a value to the community. Through crowd funding, every day individuals can view your project and decide whether to donate to it. If you create profiles on several websites, you could bring in some serious money over time.


Lines of Credit


Establishing some lines of credit can give you some safety in your small business. If you have some unforeseen expenses and need to borrow, your line of credit will be there to help you. Look into companies like Advanced Funding Network, who can help you establish lines of credit and get other sources of funding.




Grants are sometimes available to help you with financing a small business. Many grants specifically award money to women business owners or business owners of a specific ethnic background. Other grants go out to businesses in a specific category of high need services for the community. No matter your situation, it is definitely worth it to research and apply to grants relevant to your situation.

Business and Personal Loans


You will likely need to take out one or more loans in order to get financing for your business. To get the best rates on your loan, you will need to have documentation of financial stability. Good credit scores, proof of income or business profitability, and money for a down payment are a few of the things that might be required of you in order to get a loan for your small business. If you don’t have these things, you may be able to find a cosigner who will shoulder some of the responsibility for your loan repayments.


A Good Community


Sometimes it pays to have a strong network of friends, family, and community members. If you have people who truly care about you and/or your business, you might be able to call on them to make donations or otherwise promote the success of your business. Don’t neglect the power of connections as a resource for funding your small business.




There are plenty of resources that you can find to make your small business plan work. Different options and sources for funding make it easier to combine many resources to get the funding you need. The first step to getting funding is to make your business as transparent as possible. If you’ve already had some success in your business, it should be that much easier to create a convincing package to document your business’ needs and potential gains. Finally, don’t discount financing resources like AFN that are geared towards helping small businesses succeed. A little research and effort will go a long way in getting your small business funding from a number of resources.

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