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Seven Ways to Fund a Small Business

The path to starting a successful business can be very hard. It is frequently filled with obstacles and hurdles along the way. Even if the owner has the perfect business idea, a company will likely never be successful without an effective financing plan.

To find the perfect financing source, business owners should do research on different financing approach. Choosing the right financing option can be the main difference between failure and success in the competitive world of business. There are several ways that owners fund their businesses.

Small Business Administration Loan

There are two kinds of Small Business Administration loans that borrowers can obtain. This includes the 504 fixed asset finance program for small businesses and guarantee small business loans. Guarantee loans are more common for small businesses. People can apply for them at banks that participate in this loan process.

With a small business loan, the borrower has more access to capital. When borrowing, purpose or collateral frequently dictates the terms. In addition, many financial institutions are willing to authorize these loans because the SBA guarantees 75 percent of a loan.

Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans are primarily based on the amount of equity that a borrower has in their house. This form of funding is a great option for small businesses. This is because they come with interest rates that are flexible and much lower than those that are usually attached to traditional loans.

Additionally, a home equity loan’s interest rates can range from one point to a half point based on Wall Street Prime. It is currently 3.25 percent. Another benefit that these loans provide is that business owners have a lot of control over them. This means that borrowers can redraw and repay funds whenever they want.

Credit Cards

People who are looking for additional source of funding can search no further than their own wallets. Business credit cards are one of the most readily available ways to help finance a small business. One of their major advantages is that a credit card’s minimum payment is very low. Using a credit card to finance a business is great for small companies that are just starting out. It is also perfect for people who do not have a lot of cash coming in.

Angel Investors

People who are looking to finance their business can often look to an angel investor. These professionals have been very helpful in the early years of a number of prominent companies. This includes Costco, Yahoo and Google.

The principal advantage of an angel investor is that they offer small business owners a much quicker decision making environment and a friendlier atmosphere for a smaller amount of money. Owners do not have to deal with many of the things that an institutional investor usually requires.

Angel investors can also provide vital assistance for budding businesses. They often act as an advisor for the company in their financial journey. At the same time, they are usually high net worth individuals who can afford to pump in an appropriate amount of money. An angel investor may also help a small business by having a group of customers lined up and providing companies with partnership opportunities for their growth.

Venture Capitalists

Although venture capitalists are synonymous with the dot-com bubble that happened in the late 90s and early 2000s, the fact is they are a great source of capital funding. This is perfect for small businesses that are beyond the startup stage with profits already coming in.

At the same time, they provide business owners with professional management expertise. This will help them run their business efficiently. They usually offer advice regarding what merchandise will be popular and why. They also give business owners tips about what they should do when launching a new product.


Microloans are loans that comes from government and nonprofit agencies. These organizations usually focus on economically deprived communities and small businesses. A microloan is usually designed for businesses that have small amounts of capital. Certain organizations such as Small Business and Working Capital Development Corporations offer these types of loans in different communities.

Personal Loans

This type of loan is given based on an individual’s credit and borrowing history. The amount that business owners are eligible for usually depends on the assets they own. With these loans, people get the full amount up front. At the same time, they pay back both the principal and interest over time.

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