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Six Simple Tips to Make Your Business More Inviting



Running a successful business requires hard work, dedication, and determination. In today’s competitive environment, business owners must accurately anticipate their customers’ needs and preferences in order to stay afloat. If realizing a profit on your small business is a constant challenge, consider the following six, simple tips to make your establishment more inviting. After making these easy adjustments, you might soon have more customers than you ever dreamed possible.


Add More Parking Spaces

Do your customers typically have to circle your business’s parking lot several times before locating an empty space? If your parking lot is crowded or dilapidated, you might be struggling to gain repeat customers. When deciding to return to a business establishment, adequate, convenient parking is a priority for some people. If much of your customer base is elderly, parking spaces might especially be important.


Hire a Staff to Handle Customer Phone Calls

When customers call your company, do they hear a real person’s voice on the other end of the phone? Or, are they forced to listen to a recording? Many people become frustrated when having to deal with long, monotone recordings. To make your small business more attractive to potential customers, consider hiring a staff to handle all customer phone calls. At the very least, think about recruiting someone to answer all phone calls received during regular business hours.


Update the Office Décor

Do you remember the last time you updated the décor in your business establishment? You might be surprised how much customers value the condition of your office furnishings. For instance, you might unknowingly be driving potential clients away due to the poor state of your office sofas, chairs, coffee tables, throw pillows, and lamps. If you don’t have an eye for design, hire an interior decorator. This individual can transform your outdated office space into a modern showstopper.


Remodel the Restrooms

If the restrooms in your business establishment have seen better days, you should seriously consider remodeling them. Customers appreciate the opportunity to use a nice, clean restroom. If your bathrooms don’t meet your clients’ expectations, they might start conducting business with one of your competitors. When renovating your restrooms, don’t forget simple conveniences like purse hooks, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers. Adding some décor pieces such as paintings and chairs will also make your bathrooms more inviting.


Hire Someone to Greet Customers

When entering a business, patrons want to feel welcome. To make this happen at your company, hire someone to greet customers as soon as they arrive. Besides warmly greeting clients, this employee can direct customers to where they need to go.


Invest in New Technology

To improve the overall customer experience at your place of business, invest in some new, state-of-the-art technology. This task is especially important for companies with outdated computer infrastructures. With new technology, you might be able to drastically decrease customer wait time while increasing employee efficiency. For example, you might wish to install some self-checkout stations.


For some people, operating a successful business is the most challenging task they ever take on in their lives. Staying ahead of your competition might never be easy. However, by making a few, simple changes, you can improve your odds of business longevity. If you’re like many business owners, you might be concerned about financing these updates. Thankfully, the Advance Funds Network is a viable option. The Advance Funds Network provides numerous types of credit to businesses including:


• Bad credit business loans
• Secured business loans
• Unsecured business lines of credit
• Merchant funding
• Small business loans
• Working capital
• Business credit line
• Equipment leasing and financing


So, allow the Advanced Funds Network to help you turn your dreams of business success into a reality today.

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