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Six Tips for the Women Entrepreneurs



More and more women today are starting small businesses. This can be a daunting yet rewarding task, full of twists and turns along the way. Below are some valuable tips that can help as you begin the exciting world of owning your own small business:


1. Choose a Business That is Right for You

Any business owner will tell you that for at least the first couple of years you will literally eat, sleep and breathe your business. This is why it is extremely important that you love what you do. You will also less likely to get overly discouraged when things go wrong, which they undoubtedly will, from time to time. Choose something you are good at and that you can see yourself doing day in and day out for the next several years.


2. Use New Technologies to Your Advantage
These days just about everyone have and use some sort of mobile device, which is why social media is essential to growing your business. Advertise your business on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Use these sites as a way to cultivate relationships with potential customers, community leaders and vendors. You can also network with other women who run their own business, too. Other helpful technologies include electronic transfers for sending and receiving payments (to and from suppliers or customers) and management software for cash-flow visibility.


3. Plan Your Time Wisely
Delegate, delegate, delegate! You cannot do it all and trying to will overwhelm you and cause inevitable burnout. Find reliable help and allow them to assist you. One great way to see if a potential employee’s skills and personality coincide with your business goals is to hire on a temporary basis. This way you can test the waters before making a permanent commitment. Once you have help, determine the most important things that need to be done and complete them first while allowing others to handle the less pressing and complex matters.


4. Find Support

Running a small business can be a lonely and isolating task. In addition to networking with others through social media, seek out peers and mentors through local business organizations in your area. Not only can it help you to feel less alone, but you can learn new ways to do things as well as how to avoid certain pitfalls and mistakes that other entrepreneurs have made.


5. Secure Adequate Funds

One of the most common concerns cited by among women entrepreneurs is difficulty in finding funding for starting a small business. Fortunately, a company named Advanced Funds Network has helped hundreds of small business owners by providing startup capital and may be able to help you. Advanced Funds Network offers business loans that do not require collateral, fixed payments, or restrictions on how the funding is utilized. Applying for a loan with Advanced Funds Network is fast, free and simple. Contact www.advancedfundsnetwork.com for more information or to receive a free, no obligation quote.


6. Know Your Numbers

Women who have the highest-growth companies are the ones that understand financial management. You must know how to collect, save, spend and invest your money efficiently. Even if you have hired an accountant or financial planner to handle the more complicated matters, you must understand the basic financial principles yourself and use them on a daily basis. This includes: basic bookkeeping, credit and collections, managing cash flow, and analyzing your current financial position. Sit down with a financial professional as you begin your small business and make sure you have a firm grasp on these important details.


For women who are often already juggling family life and caring for aging parents, starting a small business can feel overwhelming. However, you must remember that fear is just a part of taking on new challenges. Once you have made the decision to start your own business, you must believe that you will succeed. Lastly, know that patience, willpower and hard work will pay off in the end.

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