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Study Shows Accessibility is Highly Important to the Mobile Users

Emails On-The-Go


In a newly released study, Constant Contact shared results showing just how active smartphone users are when it comes to email interaction.  This email service provider asked nearly 1,500 people about their mobile device usage and came up with some striking statistics.  Perhaps one of the most significant: the 80% of participants to whom it is important that emails be readable on a mobile device.


When it comes to mobile-friendly email and website design, some companies may be concerned that the casual email checker will not pay close attention to emails read on a mobile device.  Or they feel that putting in the work to alter designs in order to accommodate mobile access isn’t worth it.  In the current fast-paced age of information, it turns out that this assumption is actually working against them.  75% of respondents to this study admitted that they were far more likely to delete emails that could not be read on a mobile site.
Importance of Mobile Friendly Designs


Designing websites and marketing emails to be just as engaging and informative as anything read on a computer is more important than ever.  When asked, 79% of participants said they were highly likely to reopen an email on a computer after reading it on a mobile device.  In addition, nearly half of those surveyed were likely to click on hyperlinks in mobile emails.


When thinking of your particular client base, know that according to this study:

  • 88% of consumers between 18 and 30 years old read emails on their smartphones
  • 52% of consumers between 18 and 30 years old say their smartphone is now their primary email-reading device
  • 66% of consumers over 60 open emails on a mobile device


Neglecting the opportunity presented by mobile devices means the word about your company never even reaches that particular consumer.  However, incorporating mobile device styles into sites and emails actually draws users to further engage the next time they are at a computer.  The majorities have spoken: they check emails on mobile devices, can delete emails on mobile devices if unreadable, or will click through to links and follow up later on what they can see.
It may be time to consider a change in your marketing tactics to deliver emails that are readable and websites that are accessible to the mobile consumers and their smartphones.
Investing in making your business applicable to all users in this growing technology-dependent society can take a lot of work, and it also takes a lot of money.  If you have brought your company through at least six months of business and are looking for financing to make just these types of improvements, consider Advance Funds Network.  Voted “Best-In-Class-2010” for our financial services, we offer lines of credit, cash advances and business loans to small and medium sized businesses.  Our customized funding is one way we can demonstrate our dedication to supporting young businesses.

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