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Funding Growth for Pharmacies and Medical Equipment

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has put a spotlight on the insurance and medical industries as a whole, giving new emphasis to the many areas of care that lie under the broad category.  Pharmacies and medical equipment companies are two types of companies that are often overlooked, but will have the potential to […]

Revitalize US Manufacturing with Unsecured Loans

The domestic manufacturing industry is the source of a modern-day fairytale. It has gone through quite a transformation since being moved largely offshore in 2008. Current trend-watchers are referring to it as a Cinderella story. Looking at the evidence in front of you, it would be hard to disprove their claim. So why was this […]

Flexible Factoring Solutions for Small Businesses

To understand the niche market of small business financing you must first gain an appreciation for flexible factoring.   Flexible factoring starts with defining the basic concept. Credit card factoring is similar to a merchant cash advance. In fact, the two terms are often used interchangeably. Both of these financial options are a form of credit […]

Business Loans for Bad Credit: Your Path to Stability

It’s no secret that specialized businesses are struggling in this economy. The neighborhood hardware store is a perfect example. Whether it’s a local mom and pop or a national franchise, businesses like this have a go-to strategy: strike while the iron is hot. That iron is heating up along with the weather. Pretty soon it […]

Turning Denial into Approval with Bad Credit Business Loans

Bad credit business loans are marketed as last resort lending because, quite simply, for a lot of businesses that’s exactly what they are: a last resort. Borrowers get denied all the time, professional or otherwise. When a denial occurs, borrowers often waste time spit- balling the motivation behind the denial. This is the equivalent of […]

Rebuild Business Credit with Bad Credit Loans

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You’ve heard a lot about business loans for bad credit, but what happens if your poor credit rating isn’t your fault? Apparently nothing; at least that’s currently the case according to a recent study conducted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They reviewed 3,000 credit reports with a pool of affected consumers and found that […]

Recession-Resistant DME Business Opportunities


This economy’s hitting small businesses hard. It’s not uncommon to see store closing and going out of business signs adorning the windows of your local shopping center. Still, in these tough times, hope remains. There are brave souls out there looking to transition into a new career or determined to make their mark in the […]

Get Fast Unsecured Business Loans for Bad Credit

Hospitals, medical facilities and Doctors offices are full of complex equipment. This equipment does more than keep their operation running smoothly; it saves lives. In this economy, the financial downturn is affecting everyone, including medical staff and administration. They’re outsourcing the supply requests to medical supply companies all over the country. While this opportunity is […]

Bad Credit Business Loans for Child Care Providers

Child care is a financial variable. Just ask any single or double-income household. Worrying about paying for your children’s day care is always a financial balancing act. After all, there is the well-being of another person to consider. No, that statement doesn’t refer to the well-being of the child in question or to the financial […]

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