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The Expert’s Cheat Sheet: How Industry Leaders Do What They Do

These days, there are so many self-proclaimed experts out there they make it look easy. The fact is becoming an industry leader takes hard, constant work. Once you reach leader board status, the real work begins – staying on the board.


There’s almost nothing worse than walking into a bank or lending company and realizing they know more than you about your occupational industry. Before you leave your next financial “meeting of the minds” with egg on your face, we’ve got some insider secrets you should know.

Saving Face: Use the Inside Track


Have you recently caught yourself wondering how the leading lions of industry do it? How do they manage to stay ahead of the curve without breaking a sweat? Yes, they may have the support staff to pull off their trendy façade. And yes, they may have access to resources that you do not, but that doesn’t mean you’re destined to always be a day late and a dollar short.


In fact, your destiny could be quite the opposite. An unsecured line of credit can help you make inroads on trend watching and savvy up-to-the-minute investing. The trick is to know where to look. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the professional navigation gurus.


We have a list of the hotspots that can transform you from a soft-spoken expert into an orator of industry in no time.


Keeping a Finger on the Pulse


It can feel like no amount of financing, even if it’s an unsecured line of credit, can keep up with the rate of change in the business world. This crash course in professional relevancy will disprove that feeling in short order.


Your first task is to ask yourself, where do people in-the-know go? Their first stop: Google. Everybody’s favorite search engine has a few bells and whistles its competitors do not. Using the right tools, you can find out what the most popular keywords and searches are on a daily basis. Once you have the list, develop marketing and promotional material that feeds into a popular trending topic.


Next, revisit old connections and resources you used in the beginning. An unsecured line of credit would have done you no good in the early days; start-ups don’t qualify for financing. Where did you go instead? Most likely, the Small Business Administration (SBA) and/or the National Trade and Professional Associations (NTPA). These treasure troves can be used for more than seed money. Make an appointment and talk one-on-one with fellow industry experts.


Finally, use what you have at your disposal. Subscribe to e-newsletters on trend watching, attend conferences and seminars on business innovation, and participate in social media. These are all free and simple ways to track and contribute to what’s happening in business.


Once you’re in-the-know, speak up and others will follow.


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