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The Key Do’s and Don’ts of Training Employees


Companies spent over $70 billion on training in the United States and more than $130 worldwide, according to the latest available data from Forbes. And whether you’re familiarizing employees with operations, policies, computer systems or sensitivity issues, training is necessary to maximize profits and maintain budgets. But there are some general do’s and don’ts about training that you must recognize and implement to achieve optimal results.


Do Require Everyone To Attend
Invite all employees to attend training sessions as it relates to them. This can ensure that new employees make a successful start to their careers, and don’t pick up bad habits of more experienced workers, and experienced employees can get prepared and acclimated to new procedures.


Do State Clear Objectives For Training and Expected Results
Workers are more likely to understand the reasons behind their training if you clarify objectives and expected results up front. Be specific with all goals. For example, if you want to improve production by 10 percent, state that in the training. Emphasize the importance of your employees’ jobs and how the training can make them more efficient. Set a timeframe for achieving results.


Do Monitor All Results
Designate someone to track the results of employees after training, or do it yourself. The best way to accomplish this is by instituting measurable results up front, such as the 10 percent production target. Some training is harder to track and monitor. For example, if you want to measure the success of customer service training, conduct surveys among customers to measure satisfaction levels before and after training. Also, celebrate the success of training results with employees. This will motivate them to continue striving for optimal performance.


Do Use visual Aids and Training Exercises
We remember 50 percent of what we see and hear and only 10 percent of what we just hear, according to Kathy King’s, “The Entrepreneurial Nutritionist.” Thus, if you want to enhance your workers’ comprehension of the training materials, incorporate visual aids such as PowerPoint presentations and handouts. Moreover, use training exercises so employees can practice various techniques they learn. For example, fast food managers are often trained how to handle problem employees through role playing.


Do Allow Employees To Ask Questions
Leave at least ten or fifteen minutes at the end of training sessions for questions and answers. You want your employees to get as much from the training as possible. A question and answer session will better ensure that nobody walks away without a full understanding of the subject matter.


Don’t Let Previous Training Count
Even though some employees may have gone through similar training at other jobs, make them attend. While these individuals may be more knowledgeable of the concepts, they likely forgot some of what they learned. Recent training is best way to update these employees on your expectations and the subject matter.


Don’t Treat Training as Punishment
Although the training may have negative connotations and transpire because from something negative, create a positive angle for the training. Initiating training because of recent thefts is an example of a negative subject. Stress the importance of corrective procedures and don’t point the blame.


Don’t Set Unattainable Results
Set reasonable goals for your training. You can’t change performance overnight. Study performance norms in your industry and familiarize yourself with average statistics. Provide training several times per year, such as every quarter, and raise the bar gradually.


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