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Top 3 Reasons Merchant Advance Loans Have Increased in 2011

In these challenging economic times, small and medium-sized businesses have experienced difficulty obtaining loans and lines of credit.  Since the collapse of Wall Street in 2008 and the subsequent slow recovery, businesses have experienced two phenomena:

  1. Lower profit margins due to price competition and lost revenues.
  2. Tightening credit standards by banks and other lending institutions.

These two phenomena have led to lower credit ratings for many businesses and their owners, and have also made obtaining much-needed capital for cash flow and expansion nearly impossible in some cases.

As a result many entrepreneurs have turned to Merchant Advance Loans to finance their growth and operations.  With these cash advance loans, small businesses have quick access to cash for help to meet payrolls, buy equipment, finance repairs or purchase advertising.

Loans processed through Merchant Cash Advance Loans have increased significantly in 2011.  Here are the top 3 reasons:

  1. No credit check. In many instances, an entrepreneur’s personal credit and business credit are one and the same.  When there is a downturn in the economy and business tightens, sometimes the business owner will be late paying some bills.  These late payments are then reflected on his/her credit report making it difficult to obtain loans by conventional means.  Thus, the fact that Merchant Advances and Loans does not require a credit check as a requirement to be approved is an attractive feature of the program for many businesses.
  2. Increase in credit card transactions. Credit card and debit card transactions have become the preferred way to shop for consumers, both in brick and mortar stores and on the Internet.  Consumer check- writing is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  And with the surge in mobile payments using smartphones, this trend will continue to grow.  This means that for an increasing number of merchants, transactions via credit card represent the bulk of their incoming revenue.  Merchant Cash Advance Loans allows businesses to obtain cash in advance of future credit card receipts, and pay back an agreed upon percentage over time.
  3. Flexibility. With traditional loan sources, the institution will not only require collateral, but will also designate where the funds can be targeted.  Yet, the business owner is in the best position to know where the funds can be best used.  Merchant Cash Advance Loans allows businesses the flexibility of using the funds where they are most needed.  This could be to pay for past due utilities, back taxes, inventory, payroll, equipment upgrades, moving expenses, office furniture, supplies, pre-order seasonal merchandise, or marketing.

Apply at Advance Funds Network today for a no cost, no obligation quotes.  The online application takes only a few minutes to complete and you’ll receive your financing quote within 24 hours.  Feel free to call 1-888-310-3110 and speak with a Financial Advisor.

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